Is Your Packaging Sending Out the Right Message for Your Brand?

Your product’s packaging does a lot of things. When it’s well-executed, it effectively contains the product, communicates brand information, and persuades buyers to choose your item over a competitor’s. Poorly designed printed packaging, however, confuse buyers, who may pass it by and opt for another brand. To ensure your range of product packaging– from boxes to merchandise bags— sends the right brand message, consider the following:

1. Draw Customers In

First impressions are vital. Stores and online markets are overflowing with more products than consumers have time to sort through. To make your printed packaging stand out, try:

  • Boxes, bottles, or jars in unique shapes
  • Unconventional textures, colors, and finishes
  • Unusually bold or spare labeling

Research your competitors and work to create custom shopping bags, product packaging and labels that are fresh and distinct.

2. Convey Your Message

Customers’ packaging expectations have been shaped throughout their entire lifetime. Be aware and attentive when designing your packaging, particularly with:

  •  Design Details – Using the wrong images or fonts causes confusion, inadvertently giving a candle the impression of cat food; before settling on an embellishment, do your research and determine its common perception
  •  Color Use – Colors mean specific things to customers (for example, golden accents on a chocolate bar usually means it contains caramel); breaking tradition sometimes works, but alienating customers is a risk
  •  Materials – Elements like texture, thickness, transparency, and rigidity are considered during the decision-making process; simple amendments to printed packaging materials take products from undesirable to exceptional and send a more focused message about the brand.
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3. Make it Functional

A beautiful box that is hard to open sends a conflicting message to customers and contributes to a negative experience. To ensure brand cohesion and customer loyalty, your packaged product must be attractive and functional; creative packaging additions are only helpful if they add value and practicality. Consider the customer’s whole experience with the product, from sight to purchase to opening, when designing its package.

Creating an effective and attractive product packaging is a challenging undertaking, but the rewards of customer loyalty and brand clarity are well worth it. If you need assistance designing a product packaging collection, book your consultation with a Morgan Chaney design professional today. Our experience creating custom food packaging, merchandise bags, euro totes and more has helped us give hundreds of brands their own unique, compelling, and clear voice. Contact Us or call 866-637-2270 to speak with a design expert about custom shopping bags and printed packaging that truly represent your brand.