Environmentally Conscious Product Packaging and Its Influence on Brand Image

Today’s customer is exceptionally sophisticated and demanding. Packaging was originally intended to protect the product, but has evolved into a marketing tool used to attract attention, convey brand identity, and drive sales. When packaging relates to a company’s social responsibility, things get even more complex: an eco-conscious brand must be environmentally vigilant in every aspect of its custom packaging in order to maintain customer loyalty.

Customer Perception

Packaging is closely related to consumer perceptions about particular brands. This is because brand image exemplifies the customer’s relationship to, and expected experience with, that brand over competitors’. Brand image encourages loyalty, fosters trust, and enhances the brand’s recognition. For brands looking to portray a socially responsible image, this attachment to packaging is crucial in expanding customer base.

Responsible Branding

Eco-friendly custom packaging such as recyclable or reusable bags sends the message that your brand is responsible. It lends credibility and style to your product, creating a strong aesthetic connection to your core ethical values which results in a positive brand image for consumers. Socially responsible organizations are viewed as honest; brands viewed as dishonest pay the price of having their brand image tarnished and customer loyalty compromised. This social responsibility extends to all company activities: any practices your organization participates in should also include environmentally conscious packaging in order to maintain positive brand cohesion.

This shifting paradigm of customer preferences towards environmentally responsible practices is an essential element of strategizing a custom packaging program for your company. Buyers include ethical considerations in their purchasing decisions; they value organizations that exhibit eco-awareness in their marketing strategies and respond positively to those concerns. If your company needs help creating custom packaging that portrays an environmentally sound brand image, call Morgan Chaney today. Our Enviro360 options lead the way in green packaging: this attractive line of printed paper shopping bags, reusable bags, boxes and more will get your products noticed while sending an environmentally sound message. To discuss Morgan Chaney’s full range of earth-friendly custom packaging products, Contact Us or call 866-637-2270.

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