How Branded Retail Bags Help Convey Your Company’s Image

The value of shopping bags as a marketing tool cannot be overstated. A customer carrying a quality bag that commands attention acts as a billboard for the brands they love; they are telling the world “Shop here!” while conveying a feeling of specialness everywhere they go. With all the choices companies have to keep their marketing fresh, branded printed paper bags or custom plastic bags are a simple and strategic way to impact the customer experience and boost sales.

Big Brands – Many major outlets use custom plastic bags to relate to their customers. The branded packaging is used to alert the public of current trends, changing seasons, and special promotions or sales. With prestigious luxury brands, it goes one step further: the custom bags become sought-after fashion accessories, a sign of distinction, and a coveted item that gets used– and advertised– time and again.

What Bags Say – A branded printed paper bag or custom euro tote can be used for many purposes, and has significant influence on customer perception. Use them to:

  • Communicate brand identity
  • Make customers feel distinct and special
  • Announce sales, promotions, new product lines, and store openings

Determine your goals for designing custom retail bags, and strategize to take full advantage of your investment. Once you have the basic intent of your branded printed paper bag in mind, consider what you’d like to achieve long-term:

  • Increased traffic/sales
  • Boosted loyalty/repeat sales
  • Brand awareness/name recognition
  • Brand position/company beliefs

For example, to increase traffic and boost sales, design a custom euro tote with a luxurious feel that makes customers feel elite and more likely to return. If you wish to convey an earth-friendly vibe, use sustainable, fair trade bags made of cotton as opposed to custom plastic bags. Whatever you decide, don’t blend in with the crowd: aim for bags that are as clever as they are communicative.

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Where value for money is concerned, you can’t beat a well-thought-out branded retail bag. If you’re considering a marketing campaign that requires custom plastic bags, take out bags, or totes, count on the thoughtful expertise of Morgan Chaney. We can help determine your company identity, creating custom products that clearly and creatively announce your specific needs. Call 866-637-2270 or Contact Us to start the process today.