5 Attributes Your Product Packaging Should Have

When similar products sit on the shelf, only one thing determines which will sell better: packaging. Customers look for a positive experience when they shop, from the moment they enter the store until the product is taken out of its package. To ensure your custom packaging has a favorable effect from start to finish, it must contain the following 5 features:

1) Individuality

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Look at what competitors are doing and choose to do something different– it’s a sure way to get noticed. Be unique, creative, and brave in your packaging design. Capture attention, garner curiosity, and pull the customer in for a closer look.

2) Vivid Imagery

Thoughtful imagery on custom packaging is invaluable. Pictures and drawings help people relate the product to themselves, creating a strong desire to make the purchase. An inflatable pool with people happily swimming on the package helps customers envision the experience they will have; same for baby products with cute infants on them. The right images instantly connect with consumers and offer a clear demonstration of what the product will provide.

3) Product Visibility

Whenever possible, show the actual product. Adjust labels, customize paper shopping bags with windows, and opt for boxes with clear lids to give a glimpse of what’s inside. Allowing customers a look at the product gives an idea of its overall quality and helps them feel more comfortable making the purchase.

4) Cleanliness

Keep text, fonts, and imagery neat and spare. Make wording concise and emotive. Use a few contrasting colors instead of 10. You have three seconds to draw the customer in– they won’t stop for confusing, hard-to-read custom packaging.

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5) Easy-Open Features

Secure packaging must also be easy to open. Look for new packaging innovations that are both protective and straightforward– a good product that is hard to open adds an unpleasant element to the customer experience and gives competitors an advantage.

To discuss these features with a custom packaging professional, contact Morgan Chaney today.   Our thoughtful and highly skilled teams designs creative and effective product packaging that contributes to a positive, meaningful customer experience. Whether you would like new merchandise bags or need changes to existing shopping bags, Morgan Chaney has the experience and ingenuity to set your business apart. Contact Us or call 866-637-2270 to talk to a customer packaging specialist.