Design Your Perfect Packaging

The world is filled with things for consumers to buy, and almost all of it is housed in custom packaging. This makes your product’s packaging very important in the customer’s decision-making process– to make sure it’s perfect; it pays to do your homework.

Form or Function?

The best packaging is actually both: it protects and sells the product. It informs consumers to convey your product’s benefits and make it appear more attractive. Today’s demanding buyers and competitive store environments require an all-encompassing approach to custom packaging and branding.


If your product requires minimal packaging, or if you sell online, packaging still matters. It finishes the product, solidifies the brand image, and makes the product feel more valuable than if it were not embellished. The simple addition of a stamp, sticker, or printed tissue paper projects importance, attention to detail, and an eye for craftsmanship.

Branding Tips

The true value of great custom packaging is its ability to express something meaningful. The first step is determining your brand identity and creating a logo that symbolizes it. Your product packaging should include this logo and other visuals that convey your brand’s essence and send a message about who you are and what you stand for. Brand identity is the single most crucial investment you will make– once you have it, the rest is comes easily.

Custom Shapes

Small companies typically utilize generic packaging that gets customized with surface designs, such as pre-printed paper shopping bags. Larger companies have the benefit of using custom dies due to very high volume. If you can afford it, use unique shapes that set your product apart from the masses of jars and boxes.

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DIY or Professional Designer?

If you’re creative and have a good eye for fonts, color, and style, it’s worth trying it yourself. Use design software like Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop for a polished look.

Most people, however, benefit from the assistance of a professional packaging design company. Morgan Chaney’s team of helpful and creative design consultants work closely with clients to develop custom packaging programs that accurately reflect brand image and convince sales. Whether you need eye-catching take out bags, clever printed tissue paper, or anything in-between, count on Morgan Chaney’s custom packaging expertise. Call 866-637-2270 or Contact Us to start creating your perfect packaging today.