Using the Emotional Connection to Food in Brand Packaging

Food provides you with more than just nutrients: smells and tastes evoke memories and stir emotions, creating a strong connection to what you’re eating. In packaging, the right visuals can mimic a whole range of feelings and draw customers to your product on an intimate level. Once you have a strong brand message, you can strategically target your customer base through carefully crafted take out bags, custom bakery boxes, personalized restaurant carryout bags, and more.


Colors, typography, imagery, and the food’s container all work together to create a definitive mood. The overall look and feel of the packaging set a tone that draws consumers in and gives them an instant impression without reading a word– imagine buyers don’t understand the language, and work to create a mood vivid enough to intrigue the senses.

Imagery = Taste

The customer must understand on a basic level what the product is before they read the label. The easiest way to achieve this is to put the product on the package: if your product is peanut butter, put peanuts on the package. The more the brain has to work, the less likely the customer is to buy. Make it simple, interesting, accurate– and stronger than your competitors’.

What’s Inside?

Give the customer a taste of what’s inside by showing some of the actual product through the packaging. If you use a label, leave a bit of space somewhere on the container; if it’s a custom bakery box or take out bag, use a window that reveals the product. A photo isn’t the same– whenever possible, show the product and give the customer an idea of its craftsmanship, quality, texture and flavor.

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Your Story

Enchant customers with your history, purpose, and passions. Do this visually or with a few clever words, but only if you have room on the packaging. A good (but succinct) story about your brand and product that uses juicy, vivid, colorful descriptions triggers emotions and convinces the sale.

Keep the emotional connection at the forefront of your package design and you’re sure to impact customers and draw sales. If you need customized cups, tray liners, restaurant bags, or other food packaging items that beautifully represent your product and emotionally engage customers, Morgan Chaney can help. Contact Us or call 866-637-2270 to speak with a food packaging design expert today.