The Strategic Importance of Packaging

Packaging plays a big role in the success or failure of a product. Whether you’re creating all new packaging or are considering changes to an existing product, the package’s appearance must be strategically devised to create a vivid and appealing first impression. While many product providers would argue that the product’s performance is all that matters, the packaging is the customer’s first insight into the product– make it count. Whether you use cardboard boxes, custom ribbon or printed tissue paper, product packaging must be and do many things:


Primarily, packaging serves to protect the product from damage. While in transit and on the store shelf, packaging is the only barrier between the product and the outside world. Everything from soup to candles contains some form of packaging: without it, the product is exposed and at risk of breakage or decomposition.


The package’s appearance is what invites customers in to take a closer look. What it’s contained in, its colors, fonts and composition play a big role in whether customers stop to learn more or walk on by. Consider your target audience and conduct research to determine the best possible visual representation of your product.


Packaging also displays directions on how to use or make the product, nutritional information, and general facts about the product as a way of drawing customers in. This is appealing to customers because it allows them to make informed decisions, even without the help of a store clerk.


Packaging also makes a product or brand distinct, differentiating itself from other similar items. Because the packaging is also used to display the company name, logo, and color schemes, it helps customers identity it from amongst its competitors. For example, many coffee brands, medications, and toothpastes are immediately identifiable simply due to their unique packaging, which instinctively propels the consumer to buy it.

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The printed packaging specialists at Morgan Chaney understand how important packaging is to a product’s image, perception, and bottom line. Our helpful staff work closely with you to create beautiful packaging designs that truly represent your product and communicate your company viewpoint. From custom gift wrap and unique mailing bags to take out boxes and printed plastic bags, Morgan Chaney’s full range of competitively-priced products is sure to meet your needs. For questions about custom ribbons and packaging call Morgan Chaney at 866-637-2270 or Contact Us.