Why Some Packaging Designs Miss Their Mark

How you package your product is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Good printed packaging increases sales and boosts popularity, while bad packaging sends products directly to the clearance wall. There are many reasons why packaging designs fail: this article discusses the role of marketing missteps.

Marketing and Packaging

There’s an expression: “You don’t remember what people said: you remember how they made you feel.” The same is true for packaging. Every element of your product’s package evokes an emotional response from customers, either consciously or subconsciously. It can make customers feel confident or confused; nostalgic or not interested; calm or agitated. Whether you deter or attract consumers depends largely on marketing failures in your packaging— here are some common mistakes:

  • Missing Target Audience – Before you start the printed packaging design process, determine your most likely customer. Knowing your customer base helps you assess fonts, colors, images, and so on for your merchandise bags or other product packaging.
  • Not Listing Benefits – Don’t just tell customers how you will solve their problem– tell them you do it better than competitors. Concisely highlight your product’s most important features and cleverly communicate its benefits.
  • No Point of View – Don’t confuse your customers. Understand your product/company identity and send clear and consistent message to consumers. Know what you stand for and be consistent in your packaging. Don’t pretend to be to an environmentally focused brand for the sake of gaining customers: telling the customer your packaging is recyclable may be enough.
  • Weak or Absent Imagery – Vibrant imagery is a priceless marketing tool. Limit text and opt instead for emotive, brand-appropriate pictures. Get clear on the feelings you want to invoke in buyers and think images through carefully– the wrong picture sends negative messages and deters sales.
  • Packaging Inconsistency – If you plan to package multiple products, ensure customers can associate them as the same brand. Use similar colors, graphics, and fonts to establish cohesion and harmony among products: they’ll be easier for customers to identify, which leads to brand loyalty.
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