Restaurant Branding Packaging

A restaurant’s packaging is an extension of its brand identity. Even if you’re a smaller business, you can effectively promote your company for very little cost simply by getting creative with your take out bags, sandwich wraps, and other custom food packaging items.

Put a Name On It

All of your restaurant’s food packaging should have your name clearly displayed on it. Some innovate ways to customize basic restaurant bags and boxes include:

  • Paper Clamshell Boxes – Use the plain space to display logo, brand colors, coupons, and promotions.
  • Coffee Clutch – Slip-on covers allow you to change branding options (name only, logo only, etc.) as you please.
  • Take Out Paper Bags – The plain, flat space makes it easy to mix up your labeling and marketing tactics.

Make a Collection

Smart custom food packaging goes beyond take out bags and boxes. Customers are likely to buy drinks, condiments, and other smaller items– when you design the packaging, think about the entire collection. Create complementary items for take-away soup, desserts, sandwiches, and so on.

Enlist Design Pros

The right design ensures the optimal use of materials, colors, and shapes that will bring your restaurant packaging together and set your brand identity. Instead of a haphazard collection of randomly shaped boxes, brown paper bags, and foil wrappers, your professionally designed custom takeout food packaging will look polished, harmonious, and desirable. A design expert also has inside knowledge into cutting-edge innovations that will give you a leading edge.

Consider Materials

Durable, thoughtful packaging material ensures the quality of food that is taken away is consistent with food eaten in-house. When take-out pizza stays crisp, soup stays hot, and pastries stay frosted, the customer gets a five-star experience wherever they are. Choosing the right materials to obtain this positive result is an expense that pays real dividends in customer loyalty.

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Be Eco-Aware

Waste is a big concern in the takeaway food business. While the use of packaging is unavoidable, it is possible to reduce its negative impact. Using recycled or biodegradable bags shows customers you’re doing your part and changes their habits. An environmentally conscious brand image is very important to today’s savvy consumers, and restaurants are wise to appeal to these concerns.

Morgan Chaney’s diverse, practical, and cutting-edge collection of custom food packaging can help your restaurant create a strong and appealing brand image. From recycled paper restaurant bags to elegant custom bakery boxes, Morgan Chaney knowledgeable design team has the tools and experience to set your restaurant apart. Call 866-637-2270 or Contact Us to learn more.