Facts About Custom Printed Boxes

In this post Morgan Chaney hopes to dispel the myth that custom printed boxes are costly and difficult to achieve. While some companies chose to specialize in either post print boxes or made-to-order custom print boxes, we offer both believing that the client’s choice should not be limited and that their needs should determine the right custom printing process for their business.

Post Printing

Printing on pre-made products such as restaurant bags or RSC boxes is an effective choice for those companies who have smaller product quantities, require quick turn-around or when hot foil stamping is desired.

Made-To-Order Custom Printing

Pre-printing on custom bakery boxes or custom gift boxes before they are assembled, ensures your printed packaging materials are manufactured to order. This allows you to get the exact size your products calls for, not just a “close” stock or standard size product. Often times these made-to-order boxes cut down on cost and waste. The following are various printed packaging processes and techniques used for made to order packaging:

  • Custom Bakery Boxes, Custom Gift BoxesFlexographic ink printing
  • Rotogravure ink printing
  • Offset ink printing
  • Process printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Standard varnishes
  • UV varnishes
  • Laminations – gloss or matte laminations
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Consecutive numbering

How Affordable Are Printed Boxes?

The cost for customizing your packaging depends upon your quantities, graphics, materials, style and treatments you request. Since each job is unique, we price each job on its’ own basis. Many clients are surprised at how relatively inexpensive custom printed packaging can be.

Will More Extensive Ink Coverage Impact The Price?

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Another fact to consider in custom printed packaging is the amount of ink coverage. Many people wonder if it is a lot more expensive to print their logo on all four sides of a custom gift box for instance versus just two sides. With made-to-order printing every panel is simultaneously printed and therefore the same cost. Heavy ink coverage or a flood coat on a print plate may cause the price to rise but it is usually a one-time expense.

The printed packaging specialists at Morgan Chaney understand how important custom packaging is to a product’s image, perception, and bottom line. For questions about custom gift boxes, restaurant bags or custom bakery boxes call Morgan Chaney at 866-637-2270 or contact us online.