All About Custom Printed Food Paper

When it comes to custom printed food paper such as sandwich wraps or tray liners, there are two main ways those in the packaging industry use to determine paper’s density or its’ thickness. These measurements are especially useful to those in the restaurant or catering business, as they try to establish which food service tissue will work best for their specific needs.

Sandwich Wraps, Take Out BagsGrammage

Grammage measures the number of grams per square meter of paper. So for instance, letter-sized paper weighs about 80 grams per square meter. Grammage is the measurement used in most parts of the world.

Basis Weight

In countries that use US paper sizes, a less direct measure known as basis weight is used in addition to or instead of grammage. This measurement refers to paper’s weight, measured in pounds. Typical US paper sizes are pounds of a ream of 500 (or in some cases 1000) sheets of a given (raw, still uncut) basis size. By using the same basis sheet size for the same type of paper, consumers can easily compare papers of differing brands.

In an effort to meet a variety of different food applications, Morgan Chaney’s custom printed food service tissue comes in a range of FDA compliant types including light weight, high performance, ultra performance and menu tissue. Each type has a different thickness suitable for specific uses.

For example:

Light Weight– This flexible paper is best for sanitary handling for food items, as a pick- up sheet for donuts, bagels, rolls, candy and cookies. Also used as an ice cream cone wrap or tray liner.

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Ultra Performance– This thicker stock paper is great for durability. Suggested uses include as a wrapper for sandwiches, subs, and deli foods. Also used as a large tray liner or cover.

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