How Custom Packaging Can Save You Money

Almost all companies are out to package their product attractively albeit cost effectively. Yet, somewhere along the way the words “custom packaging” have become synonymous with “way more expensive” when compared to stock packaging. This is a shame. In all reality, many businesses would benefit, yes even in their pocketbooks, by using custom packaging rather than stock products.

Below are some pretty typical reasons why companies continue to use incorrect packaging:

  • Custom Ribbon, Printed Paper Shopping BagsRoutine: “This is what we’ve always done.” How many businesses simply continue to use the same packaging over and over again for years on end because of this tired excuse? Maybe it’s time to evaluate if the needs and/or application of your product(s) have evolved and if they have, the packaging most likely should too.
  • Lowest Priority: Researching possible custom food packaging or other types, is in fact on the company “to-do” list but often, in light of more pressing priorities reviewing packaging gets bumped to the bottom of the list. If you don’t make time to really look at your packaging options, it can end up costing you dearly.
  • Misguided Beliefs: Companies often avoid custom packaging because they are convinced set-up time or tooling costs cause prices to sky-rocket well beyond their budget.

Exceptions to the “custom packaging” rule

As with most things, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. At Morgan Chaney, we have helped customers, who were at one time using expensive custom products provided by another company, switch to our in-stock packaging items such as printed paper shopping bags and saved them countless dollars in the process. So, yes there is certainly a time and a place for in-stock packaging items.

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Boxes vs. Packaging

Sure, you can walk into just about any UPS store and buy corrugated boxes to ship your product in but perhaps the best reason to use custom packaging is that it is just that: custom. Custom packaging is more than just boxes; it has the ability to generate great ROI by conveying your brand’s identity to the customer.

Not to mention, an experienced packaging consultant is able to consider ALL aspects and components of your packaging including whether custom euro totes or custom ribbon – will meet your specific needs.

The printed packaging specialists at Morgan Chaney understand how important packaging is to a product’s image and a company’s bottom line. From custom food packaging to custom euro totes, our full range of competitively-priced custom products are sure to meet your needs. For questions about custom ribbons, uniquely printed paper shopping bags or packaging in general, call Morgan Chaney at 866-637-2270 or contact us online.