5 Principles of Sustainable Branding

Sustainable branding is changing the landscape of how business practices work. No longer will slapping a company logo and slogan on custom food packaging or custom gift boxes equate to effective branding. For meaningful, sustainable branding to take place a company-wide re-imagination for strategy, operations and value needs to take place.

The following five principles are meant to exemplify how sustainable branding can not only increase profit but company innovation.

Cloth Bags, Custom Food Packaging1. Joining together promise & practice

Not only what marketers say but how your business follows through on their promises matters to value-driven consumers. Ultimately, success will be greater when a company’s brand and sustainability strategy are two cohesive parts to whole, not separate entities.

2. Co-ownership

Companies striving to be a sustainable brand do themselves a disservice when they view their stakeholders as liabilities rather than proactive partners. Sustainability-savvy brands view their stakeholders’ input as a valuable resource for creating a leading edge in their market and as a way to increase peer-to-peer influence.

3. Value-based proposals

The marketplace tide in America is rapidly shifting toward the ‘conscious consumer’. Consumers place value in companies who positively impact them and the environment. Companies who find a way to combine traditional (price, convenience), social (well-meaning interaction with planet and people) and far-reaching community benefits into a consistent brand experience will be rewarded with increased purchasing power.

4. Transparency in your brand’s story

Unfortunately, a great deal of largely unsupported ‘green claims’ have over-saturated the eco-conscious marketplace. To counteract this consumer mistrust, companies must communicate their sustainability strategies through a genuine corporate back story. This story must go beyond superficial marketing copy and evoke real emotion to build brand trust.

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5. Empower

Sustainable brands stand-out among the masses by looking past the traditional one-dimensional marketing view and instead aim to educate and engage their customers.

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