Bag Ban Legislation and Developing Alternative Packaging

Many cities and counties across the U.S. have or are currently in the process of adopting single-use plastic and paper bag bans. These ordinances regulate the types of merchandise bags or custom shopping bags business establishments can distribute, in hopes of encouraging everyone from retailers to restaurants, to shift to using reusable cloth bags.

At Morgan Chaney, our reusable bags offer multiple ways for businesses to capitalize on bag ban legislation.

Merchandise Bags, Custom Shopping Bags

Increased Branding Opportunities

Morgan Chaney offers clients custom printed, reusable bags in a wide assortment of styles. These bags can turn into a fantastic marketing tool for your restaurant or store, as customers in single-use bag banned areas, continue to draw on your bag to accomplish a variety of other tasks, such as grocery shopping, after leaving your business.

Promote Your Business’ Sustainability Factor

In a previous post we discussed the importance of brand sustainability, as more and more Americans become ‘conscious consumers’. The bag ban legislation is evidence of this. By distributing reusable bags, your company reduces its environmental footprint and widens its market reach to include these eco-caring customers.

Repeat Business

Returning customers are the foundation of any successful business, while new customers help merchants grow their business. So why not employ a marketing technique to acquire new costumers while simultaneously recognizing the value of returning customers…a reusable bag can in fact accomplish both.

At Morgan Chaney, we understand that navigating the newly initiated bag ban can prove difficult. That’s why our packaging specialists are here to help make sure your brand’s image stays consistent yet socially responsible. If your company resides in a bag banned area or just wants to make the move to green packaging, our Enviro360 line of earth-friendly packaging is a perfect solution. To discuss which Morgan Chaney custom packaging products might be right for you, contact us online or call 866-637-2270.

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