Do Consumers Really Value Environmentally Friendly Packaging?

Well, it seems that depends largely on the consumer’s own personal values system. Often, people align themselves with brands that mirror their own beliefs. So, while it’s true that more and more ‘conscious consumers’ do in fact value environmentally friendly packaging such as reusable bags, it’s still rare for sustainability to be the deciding factor of whether or not to purchase a product.

Cloth Bags, Reusable Bags, Custom Shopping BagsThe majority of consumer research tells us that shoppers still rank price and quality of higher importance when deciding to buy a product, then its energy efficiency or recyclability. That being said, according to a 2012 study consumers are actually willing to spend more if it ensures the packaging of their product is environmentally sound. However, in return for the higher cost purchasers expect the product’s performance to meet or exceed its less sustainable versions.

Environmentally friendly packaging does have its’ place in mass consumer culture, as people begin to identify more and more with socially responsible and eco-conscious models of shopping. The rising demand and prized value of sustainability will see more and more brands actively employing environmentally friendly packaging to appease consumers, even if it means companies must deal with a slight rise in cost of production.

Morgan Chaney specializes in environmentally friendly packaging solutions that get noticed and protect the environment. We have many packaging options including custom shopping bags made from recycled paper, bamboo and other plant fibers as well as reusable bags and cloth bags made from cotton, recycled PET, woven & non-woven poly-pro and jute. Contact Morgan Chaney online or give us a call 866-637-2270 so we can help you make the best environmentally friendly selection for your business.

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