Dress Up Food with Custom Printed Sandwich Wraps

In the world of restaurant marketing, food presentation is everything, and custom printed sandwich wraps are an advertising and marketing tool that keeps on giving.

Sandwich Wraps, Restaurant BagsPrinted sandwich wraps and tray liners ensure your customers will be reminded that your food is special, every time they take a bite. And that the quality of your food is so good, you’re willing to put your name/logo on it (or wrapped around it)!

Even when discarded, your custom sandwich wraps still have the ability to advertise…think about how many times you’ve seen a discarded wrap, only to be reminded of a particular favorite restaurant. There really is no down side to dressing up your delicious food items in custom printed wraps.

At Morgan Chaney, we offer our FDA food safe compliant tissue in four types: light weight, high performance, ultra performance and menu tissue to ensure each and every one of your food service needs are met. Whether you are looking for a durable bakery pick-up sheet for donuts or bagels or a high performance wrap or tray liner, we have it!

Our sandwich wraps can be custom printed to match any occasion including:

  • Weddings
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Birthdays

Morgan Chaney’s knowledgeable design team has the tools and experience to set your restaurant apart. Call 866-637-2270 or contact us to learn more about our wide range of customizable food service items including restaurant bags, wraps and liners.

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