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February 2, 2017
by MC Blogger

Our Packaging Trend Predictions for 2017

The year 2017 is here and it’s a great time to re-brand, renew, and reinvest in your company’s image. It is always good to have both short-term and long-term goals when it comes to your company’s packaging. Your packaging goals may involve upgrading to more advanced or fully customized packaging, changing your logo or packaging design, or incorporating new packaging products into your program. Making changes to your packaging can provide a fresh look and renewed confidence in your business. If you will be exploring new packaging options this year, be sure to keep some of these popular packaging trends in mind. Morgan Chaney can help you navigate your custom packaging options and find solutions that are best for your business and your budget.

Enhance Your Materials

The materials you choose for your custom packaging can be just as important as the design and printing. Materials provide a sensory experience for customers; where they can see and feel the texture and dimension. These small chocolate boxes were manufactured with a very unique multi-dimensional shimmer paper in a cocoa color and a white color. It’s hard to tell from pictures, but this paper is embedded with a gorgeous shimmer that adds visual texture and depth to the boxes. The paper has a very smooth but tactile feel which makes the boxes feel extra luxurious. A foil hot-stamped logo adds another dimension of texture and visual intrigue to the boxes. These small boxes are a perfect example of using an enhanced material to draw interest and provide a unique packaging experience for a luxury product. Materials can enhance the look and feel of your packaging by providing interesting textures, visual dimension, and contrast. 
Custom printed chocolate box

E-Commerce Packaging 

E-commerce business is strong and always growing as many large retailers are closing stores in favor of selling more merchandise online. As e-commerce businesses establish their roots and increase their revenue, custom packaging becomes an object of interest. With e-commerce packaging, emphasis can be placed on the shipping boxes and mailing envelopes as well as the interior packaging and accessories. With so many boxes being delivered directly to people’s homes every day, there is an increased opportunity to stand out using custom packaging. Our previous blog post on custom subscription box packaging explains more ideas and techniques for e-commerce packaging. The overall ‘unboxing’ experience of online retail is very important in making customers happy and more likely to order again. One of the advantages of e-commerce packaging is that you can create custom elements and accessories on a limited budget if you’re just starting out. Established companies have more flexibility when it comes to creating innovative custom printed e-commerce boxes and packaging items. If you sell any merchandise online, 2017 is the year to enhance your custom e-commerce packaging to ensure you stand out among a sea of cardboard boxes.Custom e-commerce product box

Unique & Colorful Designs

These custom eurotote shopping bags and custom hang tags made for LAYU boutique feature an intricate and colorful design that is captivating and memorable. Bold and intricate patterns like these are becoming very popular in packaging, both in colors and black and white. Customers will love using these bags and are more likely to reuse and keep the bags because they were designed with quality construction and an aesthetically pleasing design. We also love that they use different colors for each size bag, rather than having the same exact colors and design on every bag. All of these bags feature the same geometric bottom design and foil hot-stamped logo, but they use different color schemes and top trim designs for the different size variations. The custom printed hang tags use the same design and hot-stamped logo to create a complete packaging look for this company’s retail merchandise.Custom printed luxury eurotote bagsCustom printed luxury hang tags

Bold, Repeating Patterns

This custom printed tissue paper for a winery features a unique repeated fox print that provides an interesting visual experience. The contrasting black and white and black and gold patterns are a beautiful addition to this packaging program. A repeating pattern with contrasting colors like black and white is sure to capture the attention of consumers and entice them to find out more. The contrasting colors and repeating design provides a visually appealing look that can enhance any packaging. This design trend works well for tissue paper, but also looks great on boxes, bags, or product packaging.Repeating Fox Pattern Custom Tissue Paper

Gorgeous Grays

Gray has taken over the design world as the new preferred neutral color. We have noticed an increase in gray packaging and gray printing orders recently coinciding with this trend. Matte grays are particularly popular, but there are many gray options available including different shades of gray and different gray undertones. There are different ways to print custom packaging with gray including metallic or foiled gray hot-stamping, gray ink printing, or digital printing. White or silver printing looks simple and sophisticated on a gray shopping bag, while pops of color can make your gray packaging look more fun and whimsical. Gray is a timeless neutral color that can provide contrast and depth to your packaging without being too dark or plain.Gray reusable tote bag - custom printedCustom printed catering reusable tote bag

Pantone Color Trends

Pantone announced “Greenery” as their color of the year for 2017. They also produced a Spring fashion color report with 10 colors that are “A Mixture of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors”. These colors might provide inspiration for custom packaging design as well as fashion on the runway and interior decorating. Pantone’s mixture of blues, greens, and brighter colors encourages a colorful year for the design world. These colors point to a trend of design that is colorful, yet natural and ‘earthy’ in a way. Pantone colors can be used with certain printing methods for custom packaging, making it easy for businesses to represent their brand’s signature colors accurately on their packaging.

Pantone Colors 2017Read more:

Are you inspired yet?

Contact us today to start off the new year with a brand new perspective on custom packaging and design. Our packaging consultants can help you navigate your custom packaging options and help you start the new year with a fresh new look!

January 4, 2017
by MC Blogger
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Custom Packaging for Subscription Boxes

Subscription box services have become increasingly popular over the last few years; the idea of paying a small subscription fee for a variety of products catered to your interests or hobbies is one of the best things to happen to e-commerce. One of the reasons subscription boxes have gained so much popularity is the actual boxes or unique packaging used to mail products. A custom designed box curated for your customers shows that you are fully invested in your brand and products. A box can provide protection for your products as well as entertainment or utility for your customers. Some companies use custom reusable packaging products to give their customers even more value, while also providing a conversation piece and better marketing reach. Subscription boxes exist for just about every niche, from makeup to clothing to food items. They make a wonderful gift and are a great way to try new products without breaking the bank. Packaging for subscription based companies can be as simple or unique as desired but it does take some careful planning and strategy to achieve.

Some important considerations for your subscription box packaging:

  • Design Functionality – Think about the customer’s experience when opening the box or packaging and how the products inside are presented to them. First impressions can make a huge difference! Many companies use tuck-top mailing boxes because they are easy to use and can be opened from the top to see the products inside.
  • Materials – Most subscription boxes use e-flute cardboard because it is secure and strong. If making bags or alternate packaging, think about materials in terms of cost and durability, as well as protection for your products. Packaging that can be reused or re-purposed is popular for subscription box companies, but it is more costly.
  • Shipping Methods – Size and weight of the packaging effects the shipping costs, and products must arrive to their destination safely and securely.
  • Product Safety – Make sure to secure your products! No one wants to receive broken products inside a subscription box.
  • Colors & Brand Image – Stay consistent with the brand image you want to portray by using your logo(s), colors, and design style on all of your packaging.
  • Accessories – Tissue paper, tags, labels/stickers, postcards, and business cards can all be useful branding and marketing tools to include in your subscription boxes.
  • Lead Times – Custom packaging can take anywhere from weeks to months to manufacture and ship, so companies must plan ahead and anticipate future needs when it comes to subscription based packaging options.

Designing Your Subscription Box Packaging

Boxes, bags, mailing envelopes; all great choices for your subscription service depending on the products you will be shipping. Making sure your products arrive to their destination securely and unharmed is the first priority when deciding your packaging elements. Design and brand image come second. It’s always important to think about your customer’s experience receiving and opening the box. A package that arrives damaged gives an automatic negative first impression to your customer. And this amplifies if the products inside are damaged, leaving an issue that your customer service department has to then take care of. Make sure you research and develop ways to package your products securely in your custom packaging. Methods of safe packing that are more stylish than bubble wrap include crinkle cut paper shred, tissue paper, and packaging papers. Boxes can also be designed with die-cut interiors or trays to fit specific products.

Customers usually appreciate aesthetics when it comes to subscription box packaging. They are paying for an experience, like giving a gift to themselves, and the packaging should reflect that. Packaging design should stay consistent with the company’s brand image, and color scheme if applicable. Having an easily recognizable box is a great tool for creating positive associations and extending marketing reach. In some cases, a plain mailing box may be used with the custom designed packaging inside, or the mailing box itself can be customized if it makes more sense for your company. Many established subscription companies use custom printed exterior shipping packaging as well as customized interior packaging.

Custom printed tissue paper makes a great addition to your custom subscription box or packaging.  Tissue paper can be ordered in stock colors and prints, although custom printed tissue paper is highly recommended for supporting and reinforcing your brand image. Custom labels can also be used to close the tissue paper for a custom finishing touch. Custom postcards are often used inside subscription box packaging to provide an offer or reminder to the customer about where to purchase more products, refer friends, or get a useful discount.

Subscription Box Packaging

Picture source:

Alternative Packaging Options

Custom subscription boxes don’t actually have to be ‘boxes’ even though that’s generally what they are referred to as. Bags, mailing envelopes, tins, and tubes can all be used to ship subscription based products. Some of these options will still need to be packed into a shipping box, but the outer shipping box doesn’t have to be customized as long as the inner packaging is. Some companies choose to customize their outer shipping boxes as well as the interior packaging, presumably so the customer knows what the package is before opening it. Ipsy is one of the most notable subscription companies that uses a bag for their products, and they use a uniquely designed bag every single month! There are some companies that send food products in reusable tins or other types of reusable packaging.

If complete custom packaging is just not on your horizon yet, there are many lower cost alternatives that allow you to customize your packaging. You can order in-stock products ideal for packaging and shipping your products, like tuck-top mailing boxes, corrugated boxes, and mailing envelopes. Then, you can design custom printed labels, postcards, tags, and tissue paper to help keep your brand name and logo part of the experience. It is essential to have branded packaging when dealing with a subscription box, because your customers need to recognize and remember where these packages are coming from. With some of the lower priced options available, it’s possible for any company small or large to achieve custom branded packaging.

Shipping Food Items

When shipping food items there are a few extra issues that must be addressed. If your food items are already packaged individually, then you don’t need to worry about making your other packaging food-safe. If your food items are not pre-packaged, you will want to create food safe liners or trays to fit inside your custom boxes. Some of the custom options available include food-safe tissue paper, food safe paper or paperboard, and custom designed plastic trays or wrappers. There are endless options available for customization and unique branded packaging for your food items, as long as you ensure the packaging is safe for direct food contact. You also have to consider how secure your packaging is so that your food items don’t get crushed or broken during the shipping process. Oftentimes standard food packaging is adequate to keep food items safe and secure, but extra thought is needed with more customized packaging.
Picture source:

Examples We Love

Birchbox is one of the original subscription boxes to gain mass popularity, and for a good reason. Birchbox supplies customers with a uniquely designed and reusable box each month, containing the sample products inside. These boxes are great for storing knick-knacks and using as gift boxes because they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and subtle. You will also find colorful tissue paper and a custom postcard inside every Birchbox. Birchbox ships their custom designed boxes in larger cardboard mailer boxes, also custom printed with their logo.Birchbox

Dollar Shave Club has a pretty simple business model. Customers choose the razors they want and the frequency, to make shaving much easier and less expensive. Dollar Shave Club razors work for men and women, although their no-frills packaging is definitely marketed towards men. Their cardboard e-commerce mailers contain simple black ink printed graphics and are specially designed to hold the products in place. You can also find matching custom sleeves for the razors, and usually a fun graphic comic “newsletter” inside every box. Their simple custom packaging can be mailed directly in one box, so no need for packaging waste and unnecessary costs.

Mantry takes their boxes one step further by sending products in a rustic-looking crate that can be reused. They cater their products directly towards men, although I’m sure anyone would appreciate the delicious food items inside their crate. The crate packaging is a unique alternative to a traditional box, and definitely leaves an impression of quality and brand consistency. Mantry has a higher subscription price than many other food subscription services, likely because they ship high quality products with high quality and unique packaging to match.

Ipsy decided to do things a little differently and they based their subscription model on giving customers a uniquely deigned and reusable zippered cosmetic bag every month. The bags are fun for subscribers to collect, can be used for many purposes, and make shipping products easier. Ipsy uses bubble cushioned mailing envelopes to ship their glam bags with the product samples inside. Products are wrapped in tissue or secured by cardboard holders when needed to prevent damage to the items.

For more ideas for creating custom subscription box and e-commerce packaging, see our gallery at

Contact us for information on ordering custom printed packaging.

November 22, 2016
by MC Blogger

Packaging Inventions We Are Thankful For

In the spirit of thanksgiving and the holiday season, we wanted to share some of the packaging inventions that we are thankful for. Innovations in packaging and technology have improved and propelled our business, and we want to share why they are significant.

The Paper Shopping Bag

You may remember our previous Blog Post about the evolution and history of the shopping bag. It’s true that the invention of the simple shopping bag has completely revolutionized the world of retail and brand marketing. The shopping bag had very convenience-driven beginnings, yet over time it transformed into a powerful fashion statement and marketing tool. Above all else, the shopping bag allowed retailers to sell more goods because it allowed customers to carry more products with ease and also improved marketing reach. Shopping bags became a brand symbol for luxury retailers and an absolute staple for grocery and convenience stores.

At Morgan Chaney we sell more custom shopping bags than any other product, and we love the creativity and ingenuity that goes into every custom bag design. From natural kraft paper shopping bags to luxurious custom eurototes, each bag makes a statement for the company that shows their customers what they represent. Every type of business can use shopping bags from spas and salons, to doctor’s offices, to retail shops, which is what makes the shopping bag such a great product. Shopping bags are one of the most exciting and rewarding elements of packaging, and we are truly thankful to get to help create them here at Morgan Chaney.


The Pull Bow

The pull bow is an invention that has revolutionized the way retailers and gift suppliers use decorative bows. Bows are normally a tricky accessory, they take up a large amount of storage volume and are at constant risk of being crushed or wrinkled during shipment or storage. The pull bow eliminates these problems by allowing bows to be shipped as flat ribbon strips that can be pulled into a bow shape almost instantly. These bows are an absolute hit because they are truly easy to use, and have virtually no drawbacks. Bows are available in a few different styles like butterfly shaped and pom-bow shaped, with different colors and finishes available to match any packaging. Long ribbon strands that hang off the assembled bows can be curled, cut, or used to fasten the bow to a packaging item. We give these bows an A+ for convenience and ease of use.

Glitter Pull Bow - Butterfly Style

The Cardboard Box

The simple cardboard box is one of the epicenters of packaging. We use boxes for all types of packaging and shipping applications, as well as custom product packaging. The beginnings of cardboard boxes can be traced all the way back to ancient China, 3-4 thousand years ago. During this time, the Chinese of the Han Dynasty used sheets of Mulberry tree bark to wrap and preserve food. These methods of making “protective paper” eventually traveled throughout Europe, but the first documented instance of a cardboard box being used was in Germany in 1817 for a board game. In 1856, two hat makers invented a corrugated paper to help keep their hat’s shape.  Then in 1871, Albert Jones was awarded a patent in the United States for “Improvement in paper for packing” with the invention of a way to securely package items using paper that is corrugated, crimped, or bossed. This patent paved the way for the cardboard box as we know it. In 1879 factory-owner Robert Gair aided in mass producing these boxes for the first time.  Some of Gair’s more prolific customers were Colgate and Ponds, and later Nabisco! And the rest, as they say, is history; cardboard boxes became easier and cheaper to produce and were used for many types of products and shipping applications. Cardboard boxes are an important aspect of all types of retail and consumer packaging, and are highly efficient in keeping products safe during transit, storage, and on the shelf. Corrugated Cardboard Box


The Hot-Stamp Press

Hot-stamping is one of the most popular ways to customize packaging items because it provides an elegant and high-quality look in less time and with lower required quantities. Hot-stamping involves using foils or pre-dried ink to transfer an image onto a surface at a very high temperature. This process can be done with any color foil, including metallic options, matte options, and even clear hot-stamping. The first patent for this printing method belonged to German Ernst Oeser in 1892. Hot-stamping was originally used for embossing books, leather, and paper, and later became a popular method of marking plastic. At Morgan Chaney, we use a hot-stamping press almost every day to help create unique custom packaging for all types of businesses from small to large. This machine and printing process has made our semi-custom packaging program extremely popular, and has allowed many small businesses to create custom packaging in smaller quantities.


Bubble Wrap

Did you know that bubble wrap was originally invented to be used as wallpaper? Two engineers Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes were aiming to make a textured wallpaper in 1957. They started by sealing two shower curtains together in a way that would trap air bubbles inside. When their wallpaper was not successful, they also tried to use it as insulation (which also failed). Three years later marketer Frederick W. Bowers got the idea to use the bubble wrap to protect a computer during shipment. He pitched this idea to IBM, and they were thrilled and began to purchase bubble wrap for their shipments. Nowadays the Sealed Air company sells about $400 million worth of bubble wrap each year. Bubble wrap has taken several different forms but is still widely used in shipping and packaging today. Bubble wrap provides the perfect amount of cushion and flexibility that is essential in the shipping and packaging industries.



Without so many amazing packaging inventions throughout the years, including new materials and manufacturing technology, Morgan Chaney would not be the company we are today. We are grateful to have helped thousands of businesses and individuals around the world create custom packaging that exceeds expectations. We love taking part in the innovative and evolving world of custom packaging and we look forward to what’s coming next!


Providing creative custom packaging since 1955.

October 28, 2016
by MC Blogger

Custom Packaging for Gourmet Food Retailers

Many of our customers at Morgan Chaney are retailers of gourmet candy, chocolate, baked goods, and other delectable delights. Custom packaging for gourmet food items requires extra attention and strategic thought; you want your packaging to accurately represent your brand and products while attracting customers. The packaging of food items can have a strong influence on customer’s perceptions of the products inside. Many companies design a collection or program of coordinating boxes, bags, labels, or tins for their products. Sometimes special inserts are needed to effectively hold the items without damage or movement. The Morgan Chaney team is well-versed in these types of projects, and they are some of the more creative and unique projects shown in our packaging portfolio. In this post we will highlight some of our best packaging products and ideas for gourmet food retailers!

Colorful Custom Candy Packaging 

Senor Murphy, a gourmet candy company, excels at stand-out custom packaging. To match their bright southwestern logo, their packaging features a wide range of bright colors, patterns, and graphics to establish their eclectic brand image. All of their product lines have coordinating packaging to create a cohesive theme while still allowing for individuality among each product. Their custom designed packaging program includes a coordinated color scheme throughout and many design elements like stripes and southwestern or aztec prints. Their line of candy and gourmet food items requires several different boxes, tins, and bags. These packaging items are custom designed for each product including food safe interior lining when needed. They also utilize sticker labels for some of their products that don’t require full-custom packaging. The colorful theme fits perfectly with their Santa Fe location, while the packaging remains functional and stylish.


Senor Murphy Custom Tins

Elegant Custom Packaging

When you have a gourmet food product that is popular as a gift item, especially around the holidays, packaging becomes even more important to your overall brand image. Many gourmet food items make the perfect gift around holidays and special occasions, and when giving food items as a gift it is important for the packaging to be elegant, functional, and fit to the occasion. Fairytale Brownies sells various gift boxes that can be delivered to recipients, and the holidays are a busy time for selling gift boxes. Their individually wrapped products fit perfectly into their custom designed gift boxes. Subtle UV printed swirls can be found on these chocolate colored gift boxes, and the logo and product name remains front and center. The deep purple interior of the boxes reinforces one of the brand’s main colors which is present in their original logo. Since their products are individually wrapped, they do not have to worry about the boxes being food safe on the interior, which saves them the added costs. Custom printed and embossed boxes are an elegant and sophisticated choice for gourmet food retailers both in-store and online.

custom gourmet brownie box

Although Macarons have always been a popular baked treat, their popularity has grown very quickly in recent years. Macaron packaging is unique because the visual aspect of the cookies is very important and it is essential to not only transport them safely, but show off their colors as well. Macaron boxes can be custom designed to hold the cookies flat or vertically in a plastic molded interior insert to show off the various colors and uniformity. These custom boxes for La Maison Du Macaron are an elegant example of a simple, branded box that looks as fancy as the product inside. The vibrant color mixed with subtle metallic details creates a very high-end look that customers will notice. Boxes can be lined with food-safe paper, liners, or plastic trays to hold the cookies in place and show off the variety of colors.


Unique and Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

These gourmet popcorn drawstring bags are a great example of custom reusable packaging for a gourmet food item. Creating a bag that is reusable can expand your marketing reach organically and provide more value to your customers. It may cost more money up front to implement custom reusable packaging, but it might be worth it if you analyze the potential benefits. When given as a gift, these reusable bags also encourage more customers to order or reorder your product which expands your marketing reach to more consumers. This type of custom packaging is more eco-friendly than disposable packaging because it usually has a longer life-span. There are many options available for reusable bags, pouches, and containers that can be made with a variety of materials and can be custom printed in several ways. Note that interior protective packaging is often required as a barrier for food items, as the exterior packaging is usually for decorative and marketing purposes.


Complete Custom Packaging Programs

The most effective way to utilize custom printed and branded packaging is to create a complete program for your business or line of products. Creating coordinating packaging allows you to be more creative and incorporate different colors, designs, and versions of your logo into your packaging. For gourmet food items, packaging programs usually include different packaging for product lines or items. For example, a bakery will likely use different sizes and shapes of bakery boxes to hold food items, as well as takeout bags and possibly even custom tissue paper and ribbon to accessorize. Many gourmet food retailers require different sizes of packaging with different labels to advertise their products effectively and accurately. You want all of your retail packaging to coordinate with a common theme in order to establish a brand image that is memorable and authentic.

Bakery Custom Packaging Program

Just Starting Out With Your Business?

Custom Packaging Solutions on a Budget

Sometimes the best packaging design strategy is to keep things simple, this is especially true when there’s a tight budget involved in your custom project. These in-stock natural kraft jewelry boxes have been adorned with a custom label for the company Fat Girl Fudge. The label makes the box look custom designed, and the red ribbon is an accessory that adds another inexpensive element of customization. This is a great example of creating memorable custom packaging on a budget, as the in-stock boxes and ribbon are relatively inexpensive compared to full custom boxes.


Many gourmet food retailers start out at farmer’s markets or local stores to try to gain popularity before expanding their business. When the budget is tight initially, there are many in-stock packaging options available that can be post-printed with your logo or simple graphics. At Morgan Chaney, our semi-custom packaging program allows you to print on in-stock products to create custom packaging at lower quantities. You can also create custom labels or tags to adhere to stock packaging for more flexibility. These methods can begin your unique branding process without breaking the bank. You can later transition towards full custom packaging to implement more unique features like color matched interiors, custom ribbon, or all over custom printing. Whatever type of gourmet food or retail business you need packaging for, Morgan Chaney has solutions to fit within your budget.

Contact Morgan Chaney for more information on custom packaging designed for gourmet food!

Check out our website for more examples and photos of custom packaging


August 22, 2016
by MC Blogger

Luxury Resort Custom Packaging

Resorts all over the world are the some of the hottest destinations during the busy summer travel season. Resorts aspire to exemplify luxury and serenity, meaning their branding and packaging must do the same. Resort properties often include gift shops or boutiques, luxury spas, golf courses, restaurants, and other unique amenities. Custom packaging for resorts can include designs for each area of the property with a cohesive branded theme. Some resorts also have unconventional custom products, like pool toys, accessories, towels, robes, and more. Some branded items can become retail merchandise for resort guests, while some can be complimentary as a token of appreciation and pride as well as a powerful branding tool.

Custom Printed Eurototes

Eurototes are a popular choice for shopping bags because of their higher quality look and feel, and the possibilities for advanced customization. Fully customized eurototes can feature custom colors, dyed handles of different materials, 360 degree printing, and various laminations and treatments. For budget constraints or smaller quantities, Morgan Chaney can print your custom logo or design on one or both sides using a few different printing techniques. Eurototes are a popular option for resorts as they can be customized to truly fit the brand’s aesthetics and design. Everything from the texture of the bag, to the feel of the handles, to the weight of the paper, make an impact on how customers perceive your resort. Carrying a heavy and luxurious shopping bag out of the resort boutique or spa reinforces the ambiance and luxury.

Retail, Golf, and Spa Custom Packaging

Many resorts take pride in offering luxury services like high-end shopping, relaxing spas, and world class golf courses. These services deserve custom packaging that emphasizes the resort’s features and amenities. Visiting resorts is all about escaping from everyday life and experiencing total indulgence, and this is reinforced through experiences and atmosphere. Consistent branded packaging is a wonderful way to emphasize the ambiance and aesthetics of your resort.

Phoenician Luxury-Eurotote-small Spa at Talking Stick-Paper Shopping Bag-001

Restaurant and Cafe Custom Packaging

Most large resorts also have several restaurants or cafes on the property for guests to dine at. Some of these restaurants may be independently owned and operated, however many resorts have in-house restaurants that are operated by the standards of the resort itself. Branding of resort restaurants and cafes can be done through many printed items like cups, napkins, or food wraps. Carryout bags are the most popular way of customizing your restaurant packaging and they provide the most advertising and branding capabilities. Many other items can be custom-made or printed such as takeout boxes, gift card boxes, menu covers, and more. Smaller items like napkins, cups, and coasters provide a great opportunity for the resort to print their own logo while takeout bags usually carry the name of the restaurant itself. You can also choose to represent the brand of the resort itself and the restaurant or cafe inside through your custom food service packaging, much like Restaurant Guy Savoy’s packaging shown below.


Accessories & Unconventional Packaging Ideas

Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado chose to think outside the box when making these foam balls and discs, branded with their name and logo. The popular resort offers these to customers while they are playing in the hot springs and pools, and these have a great appeal to traveling families with kids. This is a great way to make a resort stay more fun and memorable for your guests.
Glenwood Springs

Custom tissue paper is the perfect finishing touch to your luxury custom packaging program. Tissue paper can be used to wrap clothing and other merchandise before placing in a shopping bag, gift box, or apparel box. It serves as a protective layer for merchandise as well as additional brand marketing. Sometimes the smaller finishing touches can make all the difference between an ordinary or extraordinary guest experience.


Custom Packaging Branding and Consistency

When implementing multi-faceted resort packaging programs, consistency,  aesthetics, and design are extremely important. The first step in creating your custom packaging program is to decide what message you want your packaging to get across to your customers and anyone who may see the packaging. Then decide what theme and design you want your packaging to have. Stay consistent with your use of colors, logos, and prints in order to create a cohesive story with your packaging. You can create different types of packaging with unique designs, while still maintaining your brand integrity and a common theme.


Contact Morgan Chaney to learn more about resort custom packaging including retail, spa, food service, and unconventional ideas. Our team of packaging consultants and designers are here to help you through every step of the custom packaging process.

July 8, 2016
by MC Blogger

Summer Inspired Custom Packaging

Summer is here and in full-swing, and now is the time to feature bright colors, whimsical patterns, and unique graphics on your custom packaging. Whether you want to enhance your packaging for the summer season, or for the whole year, there are many ways to make your custom packaging stand out above the rest. Morgan Chaney has worked with businesses all over the world to create inspired custom packaging that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

Custom Ideas:

Custom packaging allows your company to create something completely unique to enhance the shopping and buying experience for your customers. Summer packaging trends usually include bright colors, bold graphics, and hints of sunshine and sandy beaches. There are many ways to inspire summer fever in your customers and shoppers through custom packaging including colors, prints, materials, and graphics.

Beach resorts and popular tourist destinations usually see high attendance throughout the summer months. Resort packaging usually aims to reflect the beauty and serenity of the resort and surrounding landscapes. Remind customers of their summer escapes using picturesque and elegant packaging, custom designed to our heart’s desire. Your resort’s spa, golf club, or gift shop can benefit from unique custom packaging that emphasizes the beauty and style of your resort.


Sandy Lane inspires summer travel with their picturesque eurototes showing off the beautiful scenery you can experience at their resort. Customers will love taking a piece of the resort home with them, and can be reminded of their beautiful and serene vacation every time they reuse the bag.


Layu’s custom eurototes are an example of vibrant and unique custom packaging, perfect for the summer season. This packaging program includes brightly colored eurototes with an intricate and colorful design and matching custom dyed handles. These bags also feature a foil hot stamp to complete the look and emphasize the company’s logo.

Layu-2 (002)

Islands is prepared for summer all year round with their packaging program of bags, boxes, cups, and coasters featuring a beachy island theme. This restaurant chain has been ordering their custom packaging from Morgan Chaney for years, and has developed many year-round packaging programs with their summertime theme. They utilize a full program of restaurant carryout packaging and in-restaurant packaging include printed bags and takeout boxes, food wraps, coasters, and cups.

islands_bkbg Islands - Cups

Bright colors and bold prints ensure that your packaging will draw consumer’s attention. Colors that provide contrast are optimal for bold printed packaging, as they are likely to attract attention and intrigue. Custom prints can be intricate and unique, or simple and sophisticated, and colors like blue, orange, yellow, and green are most commonly used for the summer season.

Ann-Silva-resuable-tote-bagSetai  Eurotote 4cp004s

What about businesses that thrive in the winter, like ski resorts and winter sporting goods stores? Now is the time to start ordering your custom packaging to prepare for your busy season! It is never too early to order custom packaging, and summer is the ideal time to order packaging for the winter holiday season. Lead times can vary widely based on your custom packaging materials, graphics, and desired costs.


In-Stock Options:

Morgan Chaney carries many in-stock packaging options to fit the summer theme. We offer a wide range of in-stock products like paper bags, boxes, tissue paper, and ribbon, in different colors and materials commonly used in the summer months.

Catering trays and food containers are perfect for those summer barbecues and cookouts, as well as sponsored events where food is involved. Convenient and durable food service packaging can make all the difference when transporting and serving food for events or catering.

Pop-Up Catering Tray

Our A La Carte collections feature subtle prints that are perfect for strolling through the farmer’s market, wine tastings, or summer shopping. Prints are available on paper bags, boxes, gift wrap, and more, although choices vary within each collection.

Wine Packaging Grape Collection

Be patriotic this season by ordering bags in red, silver, navy blue, and white, like these high gloss paper shopping bags. Matching tissue paper adds an extra special touch to your American themed packaging.

These Make-A-Splash paper shopping bags are the perfect bright and whimsical pattern for summer! These bags are ideal for summer time events with a fun and colorful theme.


Made in the USA:

Many of our in-stock packaging options are made in the USA. Support our country and celebrate 4th of July with packaging made in the USA! Products that are made in the USA usually contain some amount of recycled material and are able to ship faster and more reliably than overseas orders.

You can also support our small business by ordering packaging directly through Morgan Chaney’s in-house printing program. Though some custom packaging is manufactured in other countries, custom packaging can be made at US production facilities or post-printed right here at Morgan Chaney in Phoenix, AZ. Our printing experts at Morgan Chaney offer flexographic ink printing, hot stamping, and digital printing on in-stock products. By ordering through our semi-custom printing program you benefit through lower costs, faster lead times, and lower shipping costs with US orders.

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June 3, 2016
by MC Blogger

Morgan Chaney’s Guide to Custom Restaurant Packaging

Morgan Chaney supplies hundreds of restaurants all over the world with custom packaging including carryout bags and boxes, napkins, cups, coasters and much more. Restaurant packaging provides a wide realm of possibilities for businesses, and there are many benefits to having a branded packaging program for your restaurant. When it comes to food packaging, you must choose materials and products more carefully due to FDA regulations and the risk of leaks and spills upsetting your customers. This comprehensive restaurant packaging guide contains all the information you need to start a custom packaging program for your restaurant or food retail business.

Custom carryout packaging for Lazy Dog restaurant

Takeout and Carryout Bags

Restaurant takeout and carryout bags are some of the most commonly customized and widely used packaging options. Restaurants must choose takeout packaging based on their specific needs and requirements. The first order of business is determining what types of food items and takeout containers you will be putting in these bags. You need to ensure that your carryout bags can hold the weight of your food items. Paper and plastic bags are both viable options for restaurants, and reusable bags are a higher end possibility. Your takeout bags should have wide bottom gussets for takeout boxes and soup containers, with strong handles to prevent ripping and tearing.

Custom printed recycled carryout bag

Paper Bags:

Paper bags can be a great choice for restaurant packaging, although they do not provide the stretch and flexibility of plastic bags. Paper bags can be quite strong, but leaking, rips, and broken handles are still possibilities to consider. They can also be made with high percentages of recycled materials, making them more eco-friendly. There are many styles of paper bags available, and the thickness of the paper and type of handles are components to consider. Bottom boards and reinforced fold-over tops can help prevent paper bags from ripping and tearing during use.

Common paper bag options used in restaurants include:

Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags are available in many styles, material compositions, and printing options. There are bags with die-cut handles, patch handles, soft loop handles, wave top bags, square bottom bags, and more. The composition of the plastic materials can also vary, allowing for a wide range of options in thickness and aesthetics. Bottom boards can be added for additional support, as well as reinforced handles.

Plastic custom restaurant takeout bags

Custom plastic carryout bag options include:

  • Die-cut oval handled plastic bags
  • Patch handle shopping bags
  • Wavetop bags with die-cut handles
  • Soft loop or clip loop handled plastic shopping bags
  • T-shirt style plastic bags

Custom plastic carryout bag materials include:

  • Low-density polyethylene plastic: A softer plastic material with a lot of stretch and support.
  • High-density polyethylene plastic: A durable plastic material that can be very thin or thick
  • Polypropylene
  • Plastic blends or combinations of high/low density plastics

Green options for custom plastic carryout bags:

We also have the ability to incorporate any percentage of recycled material into your custom plastic carryout bags. Whether you are trying to meet state recycling ordinances leave a smaller carbon footprint on our planet, we can assist you in creating the packaging that works best for you.

Reusable Bags:

Reusable bags are generally the most expensive option, however they are an investment in marketing, brand image, and sustainability. Reusable bags may be used by your customers for years and for a multitude of purposes, and they will prevent waste from plastic or paper bags being thrown away. Reusable bags can be made from a wide variety of materials, and ultimately it will depend on cost, durability, and the amount of recycled materials that you desire to use.

Custom printing options

Custom printing carryout bags with your logo or graphic design is a great way to impress your customers and leave a lasting impression. There are many methods of custom printing that range from low cost and economic, to more intricate and involved. The type of printing you choose will affect the price of your packaging as well as the production time needed to manufacture. Some products can be post-printed, which means the ink printing or hot stamp are completed on finished bags. When you choose full process printing the printing is usually done before the bags are assembled by the manufacturer, which takes longer to complete and generally requires larger quantities.

Some types of printing applications include:

  • Embossing and debossing: The process of creating a raised or lowered graphic image on the product.
  • Flexographic printing: The process of rotary printing utilizing flexible rubber plates attached to rotating cylinders that apply ink to the product. Using water based inks for flexographic printing is more eco-friendly.
  • Gravure printing: The process of ink printing utilizing etched, metal cylinders.
  • Hot stamping: The use of foils to print bags, boxes and other products which are applied with metal plates and heat.

Takeout Boxes

Takeout boxes may not need to be customized for every restaurant, but putting a simple logo or design on your takeout boxes can be a great idea. When your logo is in someone’s fridge at home or work, it is a reminder of where their delicious food came from and can even serve as additional advertising. Boxes for food service usually need to be FDA approved (unless food items are wrapped) and must be durable and strong enough to hold the weight of various food items. When creating custom branded boxes, the type of box you need will depend on the weight and properties of the food you will be putting inside.

Custom bakery boxes for cakes, cupcakes, pies

Some takeout box options include:

Any of these options can be custom printed, although prices and quantities will vary depending on the intricacy of the design and materials. Many boxes can be made with various amounts of recycled materials, and some are recyclable and compostable after use.

Wax Paper & Tray Liners

Food service papers are useful in many different types of restaurants including bakeries, burger joints, anywhere from fast food to fine dining. These food-safe liners can be used for French fry baskets, burger or sandwich wraps, bakery wraps, food trays, and much more. There are different types of sheets for different purposes, as they all have different properties and paper weights. These choices can be purchased in-stock or can be custom printed with your logo or design. Options include lightweight dry wax sheets, ultra-performance grease resistant sheets, high performance dry wax liners and wraps, and un-waxed menu tissue. Click here to see the types of food wrap paper we sell in-stock on our website.

Custom food wraps, hamburger wraps, wax sheets

Cups, Coasters, Napkins, etc.

Are you getting tired of boring Styrofoam or paper cups? Custom cups and beverage sleeves are a great addition to your custom packaging program and customizing allows you to expand your brand reach and marketing impact even further. Coasters and napkins are also great accessories to your custom restaurant packaging, they are inexpensive and can feature bright colors and graphics that coordinate with your brand image. Most restaurants are already using coasters, cups, and napkins regularly, so why not customize them?

Custom restaurant packaging program

Menu Sleeves

Clear vinyl menu sleeves are one of our most popular restaurant items. Menu sleeves are perfect for protecting paper menus and won’t tear, warp, yellow, or crack. Cleaning these menu sleeves is a breeze and they are a convenient way to keep paper menus protected from water or food spills. We carry several stock sizes of menu sleeves so companies can order them easily online. We can also provide custom sized menu sleeves for your restaurant at a quoted price.

Our menu sleeves feature a durable 12 gauge vinyl and are available with or without an insert that adds extra stability and durability. The insert is made with 15 gauge polypropylene to make your menus extremely resilient. The menu sleeves with inserts feel much thicker, while the sleeves without inserts are a simple, protective sleeve without being too heavy or stiff.

Unique Options: Catering Supplies, Check Presenters, Etc.

When it comes to custom packaging, Morgan Chaney has the ability to fulfill your unique needs, and we welcome you to inquire about packaging options that aren’t normally listed. If you have a unique or specialized custom packaging request, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have collaborated with restaurants and food service companies on unique items like beverage containers, check presenters, flasks, coffee mugs, and much more!

Custom printed kraft catering tray

Contact Morgan Chaney today to speak with an experienced packaging consultant about your custom restaurant packaging.

May 6, 2016
by MC Blogger

Five Ways to Save the Planet with Custom Packaging

Having recently celebrated Earth Day, we would like to offer our best tips for making your custom packaging more environmentally friendly. There are a few simple ways to reduce your negative impact on the environment through custom packaging. Some involve the design and construction of packaging products while others are dependent on the consumers and retailers who use them. Here are our five best strategies for making your packaging more eco-friendly:

1.Reduce Size, Minimize Waste

reuse reduce.jpg

Designing custom packaging is a fun and creative experience, however it is easy to go overboard with design ideas and forget about the functionality and potential waste of the packaging. Reducing your packaging size just a small amount can save large amounts of materials and have a much smaller impact on the environment. Combat wasted materials by designing packaging products at the correct size needed for your products. Eliminate unnecessary add-ons and finishes that your packaging doesn’t need. The design of your packaging plays a big role in its efficiency, so if you have an agency or packaging designer make sure they know to minimize your design as much as possible. We know how important design and aesthetics are in custom packaging, so it’s important to approach this method tactfully and consider what is imperative to you and your company. Sometimes a simple design is all you need to convey your message to customers, and sometimes less really is more.

2. Recycled Materials

recycling-arrows-on-cardboard-boxMany packaging items are made from recycled materials as a way for factories to cut down on costs and wasted materials. Factories use two different types of recycled materials, post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste. Post-consumer waste includes materials that have been used and recycled by consumers. Post-industrial waste includes the leftover unused materials produced as a byproduct of manufacturing. Some types of packaging can easily be made with 100% recycled materials, although some of the more desirable and aesthetically pleasing options are made with lower percentages. A lot of packaging is made from completely virgin materials, however, which has a stronger negative impact on the environment. When looking to custom design packaging for your company, make sure to describe your interest in using recycled materials in your packaging. Looking to use 100% recycled materials may limit your design options, however it may be worth it to prevent waste. There are many beautiful and unique packaging options available that can be made with recycled content. And on that subject, new innovations are being made constantly to improve the quality and accessibility of recycled materials along with new material options that are more earth-friendly. For example, one innovative packaging designer created an egg carton made from heat-formed hay. Since hay is a quickly growing and renewable resource, it can be a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials.


3. Encourage Customers to Reuse Packaging

Custom reusable tote bag, eco-friendly packagingReusable packaging has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in grocery stores, large retailers, movie theaters, and specialty stores. Reusable packaging does cost more initially, but it serves as extended marketing for your business as well as helping to reduce environmental waste. Reusable bags can be made from many different materials, and in many shapes and sizes. Tote bags are the most popular option, however pouch bags, backpacks, and specialty bags are also common in custom packaging. Many jars, containers, and sturdy food takeout boxes can be reused by consumers as well. The most important part of this tactic is encouraging customers to reuse packaging rather than throwing it away. This can be achieved by designing packaging to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, and sturdy. Also having easily removable labels or embossed logos on your jars, boxes, and containers can make them more reuse-friendly. Another important use for reusable packaging is to replace plastic bags. With a growing number of cities enforcing plastic bag bans, retailers are looking to alternative styles of branded packaging. Many retailers face the choice of making customers pay for paper bags, or having to provide reusable bags to their customers. With these bans reducing the number of plastic and paper bags being made, reusable bags are the smart alternative. Bags, boxes, containers, and other branded packaging that can be reused prevents waste and has the benefit of also expanding your organic marketing reach.

4. Recycle!

One of the more obvious ways to reduce environmental harm, is to recycle! The tricky part is knowing which materials are recyclable, which aren’t, and where to recycle them. Most plain paper bags can be recycled as is, however some bags and eurototes with lamination cannot be recycled. Furthermore, eurototes with ribbon or cotton handles may need to have the handles removed for recycling. Plastic bags are usually recyclable but depending where you live, they may need to be recycled at a specific location. Recycling packaging products is a great way to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Making recycling information and labels more clear on your packaging is a great way to remind customers to recycle and ensure that the products are recycled properly. When designing and creating your custom packaging, think about the materials you use and whether they will be easily recyclable for the end user. Make recycling information clear to the end user by printing symbols or recycling instructions directly onto the packaging. 064_recycle-icon-vector-lIn addition to recycling, many packaging products are compostable, which means that they will break down into organic matter. Composting is an increasing practice as consumers want to help generate less waste and compost can be very useful to gardeners to make soil more fertile, control weeds, and reduce soil erosion. Biodegradable packaging will also break down over time, although there is a lot of debate over the time it takes for most packaging products to fully degrade. Before choosing biodegradable or compostable options, do some research on the time it takes for the materials to degrade, because it can take years for some materials!

5. Multi-use packaging

The concept of multi-use packaging is a little different than just ‘reusable’ packaging. Multi-use packaging can have multiple uses for the retailer or consumer. There are a wide range of creative ways to make packaging useful for multiple applications. For retailers, creating packaging that is useful for multiple products can save on materials and costs for the company. For consumer use, creative packaging options include packaging that can serve multiple purposes for the customers. For example, some companies have actually integrated seeds into their biodegradable packaging, so customers can plant the packaging into the ground and grow a plant! The seeds will grow plants and the material will eventually degrade into the soil leaving no waste.

Another great example, this cork box designed for a mug can also be taken apart and used as coasters. This clever design leaves no waste because the coasters can be used for quite some time, and the mug inside can rest on the coasters while in use. 3e910f8673855.560c165463743


These aid boxes developed for third world countries can be taken apart and converted into ‘soccer’ balls for children to play with. These boxes are recyclable as well, ensuring that the boxes needed to help people will not go to waste. Since many kids end up playing soccer with coconuts, trash, or other strange objects, these cardboard balls will cause less injury and make their games much more enjoyable.


Just following one of these eco-friendly strategies can help reduce your negative impact on the environment caused by packaging products. A combination of these strategies is the most efficient way to save the planet, and many of these methods of sustainable packaging go hand-in-hand. For more information on environmentally friendly custom packaging for your business, Contact Morgan Chaney today.

April 11, 2016
by MC Blogger

Unique Custom Packaging: Stand Out Among the Rest

Custom packaging is more than just putting your logo on a bag or box. To truly impress your customers and expand your brand power, you should be thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to packaging design. There’s no doubt that traditional shopping bags, boxes, and tags adorned with a simple logo are effective and inexpensive, and sometimes simple design is all you need. However, taking your packaging to the next level can encourage an even stronger response and social buzz. Unique and creative packaging can be featured on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more social sites that can serve as free advertising for your company. People love quirky, unique, and interactive packaging, and will be more likely to remember to your brand and reuse your packaging if you make it interesting. In a world of standard retail bags, boxes, and tissue paper, adding creative finishing touches or innovative design can help your business’s packaging stand out!

Small Details Make A Difference

These custom hangtags for Axel’s in Colorado are an example of adding unique finishing touches to a simple packaging item. Like most hangtags made for retail, these are paper hole-punched tags with string for attaching them to retail items. Axel’s took these hangtags a step further by getting custom foil hot stamping inside the small button that is used to loop the string. The button clasp style closure is also a unique option compared to other hangtags. The quality and attention to detail of these hangtags far surpasses most other retailer’s tags. Axel’s shows that their attention to detail and unique finishing touches translates to their merchandise, creating a higher value for their brand and products.

Custom hangtags for luxury retail

UV spot printing is a creative way to add depth and texture to your packaging products, without having to add additional color or foils. UV ink is curated using a special process that makes the design glossy and raised. These eurototes for Fuchsia feature hot pink side gussets and matching ribbon handles with a UV printed pattern on all sides. The UV spot printing adds a unique element to these bags and creates texture and depth and adds a glossy finish on the solid colored paper. UV spot printing can be done all over the custom product or just on certain areas like the main logo. The UV printing on these bags gives it an entirely new design without adding additional colors, it is a subtle finishing touch that makes it stand out from other shopping bags. Custom Eurotote Bags with Ribbon Handles and UV Printing

Ribbon handles and UV printing on a custom eurotote

Not all boxes are created equal…

Custom boxes have a wide realm of possibilities when it comes to unique design. Many businesses choose standard box sizes and colors simply because of financial or time constraints. When choosing a fully custom box however, the sky truly is the limit. Many companies have a need for custom boxes to hold their specific products or merchandise. Custom boxes can be made to hold any type of product securely for retail, and you can add features like colorful printing, viewing windows, unique closures and much more. Clever graphics are one way to stand out with your product boxes. If you are competing for retail space, your boxes need to be unique to capture the attention of shopping consumers. Boxes can also be designed with cut-outs, windows, magnets, or you can take it one step further and create a cylindrical tin to hold merchandise, like Senor Murphy has done.

Custom candy boxes, colorful custom printing Custom candy tins, unique custom packaging

Beautiful on the Inside

Many bags are custom designed on the outside, but are left as plain paper on the inside. Some businesses want their customers to be reminded of their brand when they look inside the shopping bag, not just when they look at the exterior. It makes sense right? When retail goods are put in a shopping bag for the customer to take home, the customer then reaches inside the shopping bag to retrieve them. Imagine their surprise when they see a unique and eye-catching design inside their shopping bag. The uniqueness of your custom shopping bags shouldn’t end at the exterior; think about your 360 degree design, inside and out, to truly make a lasting impression.

Taps custom designed a simple black paper shopping bag with bold and colorful designs, but they didn’t stop there. They decided to take their bags to another level by designing the inside of the bags as well. The interior of their bags is lined with a bright colorful repeating logo print that matches the color on the exterior design. They decided to make bags in multiple colors and designs with a coordinating theme and style. These bags are not only aesthetically pleasing inside and out, but they provide a bold reminder of the Taps brand name and even their website address.
Custom shopping bagsCustom shopping bag with interior printing

The Phoenician Luxury Collection also used this technique on their eurotote shopping bags, leaving the outside design simple while adding a rainbow colored completely unique design to line the interior of the bag. This bag takes the phrase “beautiful on the inside” to a whole new level.

Custom luxury eurotote shopping bagCustom luxury shopping bag printed interior

E-Commerce Packaging

In our last blog post, we talked about how important e-commerce packaging has become in recent years. Custom shipping boxes and packing tape are some examples of unique custom packaging that can be used in e-commerce businesses. There are many low-cost ways to customize e-commerce packaging including labels, inserts, and tissue paper. More involved methods include fully custom product and mailing boxes with unique and creative designs. Companies like Birchbox have created unique boxes for their products that make their brand stand out, and these creative packaging designs are often shared on social media and blogs. Check out the full blog post for more information on custom e-commerce packaging.

Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging is probably the best way to engage customers and create a social media buzz around your brand. Coca-Cola achieved this recently by putting pull-bow ribbons on their plastic holiday bottles. Although at first glance the bottles look normal, customers are able to pull the ribbons to create a bow instantly, completing the holiday gift packaging look that the company was aiming for. Videos, GIFs, pictures and postings on social media followed, creating a viral marketing campaign for Coca-Cola. This innovative idea is just one example of how successful interactive packaging is in engaging customers and creating a viral marketing campaign.



See more examples of interactive custom packaging compiled by Bored Panda here:

Unique packaging is a trend that can help your business stand out and gain loyal customers. You don’t need to be a creative genius to have unique custom packaging. At Morgan Chaney, we have talented graphic artists and packaging consultants on staff to help you achieve your packaging goals. Contact us today for more information on creating unique custom packaging for your business.

March 11, 2016
by MC Blogger

E-Commerce Packaging is More Important Than Ever

E-commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, and is now integral to the retail industry as a whole. Most retailers occupy both physical and web stores in order to sell their products. Some companies sell exclusively online, cutting the many costs of having a brick and mortar store. E-commerce opens the doors to many new methods of marketing and branding, which tend to be a key aspect in the success of an online business. If you are selling merchandise online, your packaging can have a bigger impact on consumers than you think. Many online retailers now recognize the value in providing a unique and memorable packaging experience for their customers.

The Unboxing Experience

When someone receives a package that they ordered online, it brightens up their day and provides an instant boost of happiness. Opening a package is like opening presents on Christmas morning, and maybe this is why so many people gravitate to online shopping. Packaging may not be crucial compared to the goods that are boxed inside, but it does have a noticeable effect on consumers. Customers are used to having a full experience while shopping; shopping in-store provides music, aesthetics, customer service, and design. Online shopping doesn’t include all of these added features, and packaging is a great way to make up for that. A customer’s unboxing experience should make them feel special, and remind them of the retailer they ordered from. There are many ways to do this including custom designed boxes, mailing envelopes, custom printed tissue paper, custom labels, and much more.

According to a survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution, over a third of online shoppers said the use of branded packaging influenced their perception of a brand or company (1). Social media plays a part in this customer influence as well. The same survey also found that, ”thirty-nine percent of online shoppers have shared a product image or video on social media creating a ripple effect for brands that goes beyond the individual purchase” (1). Unboxing videos are extremely popular on YouTube and blogging platforms, as well as thorough product reviews. Youtubers and bloggers will likely comment on your product packaging, whether it be good, bad, or mediocre. Furthermore, if a customer receives something broken or damaged they might take their complaint to social media where it will be quickly seen by an enormous amount of people. This is all the more reason to package e-commerce items with care and ensure they are secure and protected.


Custom Packaging Solutions – For Every Budget

Custom e-commerce packaging doesn’t have to be ultra-fancy or ultra-expensive. There are a variety of ways to implement unique and memorable e-commerce packaging that can fit into anyone’s budget. There are also many elements of packaging to consider, including boxes, tissue paper, custom mailers, labels, and more. You can be as simple or creative as you want, and you can still expect a positive effect from further customizing your packaging.

For smaller businesses with limited budgets, there are some cost-friendly ways to personalize your packaging to create a stronger brand image and connection with customers. You can create custom labels, stickers, tissue paper, packing tape, or promotional flyers to incorporate in your packaging for a fair price. For very small e-commerce companies, a handwritten note included in your packaging can be that extra touch that makes you memorable and well-liked by your customers. This method is great for companies without a custom packaging budget, as it is very cheap and just takes a small amount of extra time. As business grows, the company can progress towards other methods of custom packaging.

Boutique Custom Printed Labels

Larger companies can use any of the lower cost options, but may opt for completely custom product boxes that are uniquely made for their company. There is also the option of custom mailing envelopes and custom packing tape. Furthermore, reusable packaging is a great way to expand your marketing reach and engage customers even more. It may be practical to create custom reusable bags or boxes that customers are likely to use for months or years in the future. Reusable packaging is a great way to engage customers on another level and enhance their user experience. A more cost effective way of expanding marketing reach is to include a free sticker, magnet, or other reusable accessory with purchases. Custom e-commerce shipping and mailing boxes

Custom e-commerce packaging and shipping materials

After considering all other elements, packaging at its forefront should be protective and safe for the products inside. Nobody wants to receive ripped packaging, or a damaged product. And the backlash from poor quality packaging can be extremely detrimental to your company’s image. Make sure your e-commerce products are packaged safely and securely before shipping. Be sure to have a good customer service system in place to handle damaged product complaints.

Companies That Do It Right

An example of successful e-commerce packaging is the subscription company Birchbox, with a free uniquely-designed and reusable box with each monthly subscription. Many subscription box companies offer branded and sometimes reusable packaging because it is considered an important aspect of their brand image and the overall experience. These boxes are often used as gifts as well, making the packaging presentation very important. Dollar Shave Club also has a unique marketing plan and packaging design. They created custom printed tuck-top boxes specifically to hold and ship their products. Their boxes also feature clever quotes and marketing copy to further reinforce their witty brand image.
Birchbox 72 dpi_0Amazon has employed a “frustration free packaging” campaign that has reevaluated the packaging process and involves less materials and less frustration for the customer. This method uses cardboard and shrink wrapping, with an easy-open outer cardboard box. Amazon informs that this packaging option is 100% recyclable and usually takes less than a minute to open, no scissors required (2). This packaging may not feature unique designs or stand-out colors, but it does aim to solve a common problem.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are no doubts that packaging will become even more innovative and unique in the future to compete for recognition and efficiency. You can probably expect to see more eco-friendly and efficient e-commerce packaging. There will likely continue to be an emphasis on clever packaging design to get the attention and approval from customers and official ‘unboxers’. The most useful packaging in the future will be eco-friendly and less wasteful options, as growing landfills are not ideal in any way.

Amazon started to feature third party advertising on some of their packaging in 2015, which is something you’re likely to see more of in the future. For companies like Amazon, the outer packaging aesthetics are not as important, so they have more freedom. Featuring third party advertising on their corrugated shipping boxes is a great way to increase revenue without harming their brand image. Packaging featuring advertising may become a standard for large companies that normally use basic packaging for their e-commerce

Innovative and quirky packaging has definitely gained momentum, especially in regards to social media sharing like Pinterest, blogs, and Facebook. Packaging has the potential to be even more creative and unique in the future as there are many designers and students with extraordinary ideas. Unboxing videos, blogs, and social media will all play a role in the importance of e-commerce packaging for certain products and retailers.

E-commerce packaging is going to be increasingly important in the future, as online shopping is constantly growing in popularity. Combined with elements of sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, packaging will face some big changes in the coming years. Start thinking about your e-commerce packaging and contact Morgan Chaney to speak with experienced packaging consultants about implementing new ideas and packaging programs.

Visit the Morgan Chaney website for more examples of custom e-commerce packaging

Custom printed e-commerce packaging




(3) (unboxing photo)