Your Packaging Goals for 2016

Like any business, Morgan Chaney has goals of growth and prosperity for the coming year. The question is, how can our custom packaging services help your business achieve your goals?

You may have noticed that things are changing in the realms of marketing and packaging design. Focus has shifted from functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging to unique and eccentric packaging designs. Companies are now looking to innovate more than ever, and basic run-of-the-mill packaging may be left in the dust.

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Environmentally friendly packaging has been a focal point for the past few years, but recently the hype around eco-friendly products has started to taper off. Companies are still interested in this factor of their packaging choices, but added costs and complications make it difficult. The good news is that new types of packaging materials are being developed constantly; woven bags are being made from plant fibers, and plastics are being made more biodegradable than ever before. These eco-friendly options are usually more expensive than other options however, which puts limits on the effects these types of packaging can have on overall sustainability.

Your packaging sustainability goals should be to seek out products made with a high percentage of recycled content, and products that are easily recyclable and/or reusable. Many paper and plastic bags and boxes are made with 100% recycled content, and many of them are fully recyclable. Do your research and decide what works best for your company and your customers. These decisions should be based on your budget, your brand image, and your level of commitment to sustainability initiatives. Hopefully in the coming years sustainable packaging will become more widely available for lower costs so that more businesses can participate in making the world a little greener.

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Innovation usually does not come cheap. Most companies just starting out cannot afford to hire a design and branding team to take their packaging to the next level. But more and more businesses are employing unique and clever packaging programs in order to stand out among the rest. Custom printing has allowed people to create innovative packaging without having to break the bank. They key is to have good artwork/graphic design on your packaging. If you have not previously considered your company’s packaging design, it is definitely something you want to think about this coming year. Rather than just a plain shopping bag with a logo, think about using all sides of the bag and engaging graphic design to make your packaging stand out. Also remember, sometimes unique and innovative packaging is not practical or functional! The key is to make sure your packaging is easily recognizable and memorable compared to other brands. Clever packaging is one way to attract consumers and make an impression that lasts. Color can also be a great asset in packaging design, as color is proven to have a huge impact on consumer choices. A strategic use of color is one way to capture the attention of consumers and make a lasting impression.

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Emotional Connection

It’s important for your products and packaging to create a positive experience and build an emotional relationship with the customer. Without emotion, business is just business, and won’t encourage a lasting bond with the customer. You’ve probably seen commercials that tug at your heartstrings and cause an emotional response, and those campaigns are usually memorable to consumers. The same idea can apply to your packaging; many consumers buy certain brands because of emotional experiences rather than just product quality alone. So how can packaging help you create an emotional connection with your customers?

  • One way to engage an emotional response is to reinforce the memories of your customers. For example, older customers may love packaging that reminds them of their youth and brings a nostalgic feeling. This also makes it easy to target customers by the age group you wish to engage.
  • Incorporate familiar images or cultural references into your packaging (without copyright infringement of course) to appeal to certain customer groups.
  • Engage the five senses of the customer whenever possible; sight and touch are usually the most effective in regards to packaging, however smell and sound can be useful as well.
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Act like a Big Business

Be a small business that acts like a big business: Many start-up companies with young and tech savvy CEO’s are getting the right idea. You will often see start-up companies with beautiful websites and stellar marketing programs, which make them appear professional and successful right off the bat. You don’t want to cheap out on your packaging either, because it could have a hugely negative impression on your customers. Packaging breaking, ripping, or not working properly can potentially be a deal breaker for customers. Customers want to buy products or services that they perceive as high quality, trustworthy, and transparent. Spend a little extra money on high quality packaging, and your customers will see the connection more clearly.

Social Media

A lot of companies have started putting social media logos on their packaging. This seems silly because you obviously cannot use packaging to access the internet, however there is merit to this idea. Without the social media icons on your packaging, customers may not ever think to seek out your social media sites. The icons can serve as a reminder or an intrigue to customers, especially if you offer something in return (like coupons or information). You can also run social media contests to complement your packaging in order to engage your customers more.

  • Example for Instagram: “post a picture of your branded shopping bag with what you bought at our store today! We will pick one lucky winner to receive a $20 gift card. Use the hashtags #ourstore & #contest to enter”
  • Example: “Tweet @ourstore to receive a coupon for 10% off your purchase!” written on the shopping bag


Packaging is Advertising

Never forget the simple fact that anything with your brand name or logo on it is advertising for your business. This is includes shopping bags, boxes, cups, napkins and more. If you have an advertising team or agency, it is wise to involve them in all packaging decisions. It is important that your packaging design  reflects your brand image while also conveying your brand information clearly. Packaging should always be considered in the advertising budget as it is necessary in establishing a brand.

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At Morgan Chaney we strive to reach our goals through helping you reach yours. Our customer-first approach to sales and consulting has resulted in years of success and great pride in our company. Whether you need design consulting, or higher quality packaging, we would love to help you with your 2016 packaging goals starting today.