The Importance of Color Choice in Packaging

How colors influence your packaging.


Consumer’s minds are programmed to respond to color. Research shows that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message based on color alone. Keep this in mind as you read through the color associations listed below and think of how you can use color persuasion to positively benefit your business.

colors and emotions

Color psychology

  • The color red draws attention and represents energy, action, passion, excitement, and strength. Dark reds commonly represent professional and luxurious packaging, while bright reds bring out excitement and energy within customers.FullSizeRender (0000000B)
  • The color white represents innocence, equality and minimalism. As a packaging color, it is safe and conservative. White packaging is a great way to portray cleanliness, efficiency and simplicity, and easily decorated with a simple combination of a few colors.
  • The color black represents power, authority and control. As a packaging color it stands out and makes products appear more exclusive and is perceived to have higher value. Printing a logo or design on your black packaging can send a specific message to your customers. For example: adding the color gold to your packaging creates a sense of elegance and sophistication. While adding pink to your black packaging softens the message.FullSizeRender (0000000A)
  • The color blue translates honesty and strength to customers; which then communicates trust and reliability in your business. Dark blue is commonly used when conveying professionalism, while light blue is used when business’s want an upbeat and creative look.
    FullSizeRender (00000009)
  • Green is a color of balance and harmony. In your packaging, this color commonly implies a natural, organic and healthy statement. It is a good color to use for environmentally friendly products.
  • The color orange represents adventure, optimism, and self-confidence. Orange packaging suggests to customers that your business is fun and adventurous!FullSizeRender (00000006)
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  • Purple relates to high ideals, imagination and spirituality. Using purple for your packaging portrays luxury and premium quality. We suggest pairing purple with the elegant colors gold or silver when custom printing a logo or design.FullSizeRender (00000004)
  • Gold packaging is a great way to represent expensive, luxurious and high-quality packaging. When custom printing a brand or logo in red, your gold packaging will add excitement, while black adds elegance and sophistication.FullSizeRender (00000003)Whether you’re interested in custom designing custom bags or custom boxes, the color of your packaging will reflect your business’s image. This is especially important as customers leave your store and become a walking advertisement.

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