Do the Size of Shopping Bags Manipulate the Minds of Buyers?

When it comes to shopping at a grocery store or retail store, does the size of a consumer’s shopping bag really influence the amount of money they will spend?

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Retailers and analysts didn’t conjure up these quirks of human psychology in a dream. No, they’ve closely studied shopper behavior, treating customers “like laboratory rats,” according to USA Today.

Studies show there is a relationship between the size of the shopping bags that stores provide and the amount of money that consumers spend. When consumers shop with a larger shopping bag, they feel as if they haven’t bought as much, which more than likely leads them to purchase more product.


“There’s a reason your mother told you to make a grocery list and stick to it. Every part of the supermarket from parking lot to checkout counter is designed to make you spend more money and buy more food than you need.” says Business Insider’s Gus Lubin.

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Consumer’s rarely walk into a store with a complete list of items they need to buy, giving business owners the advantage of using larger shopping bags to target these impulsive buyers.
Most consumers will take advantage of the space that a larger size shopping bags offers and fill it to the top. For example; Lubin states, “We’ll start with the shopping cart. This 1938 invention was designed to let customers make larger purchases more easily.” Larger shopping bags, along with the sales tactic of placing popular merchandise near the back of the store, consumers are forced to weave through aisles of promotions to get to what they actually came into the store looking to buy. Not only does this sales strategy hoax consumers into staying in a store longer but it increases the temptations of filling their larger shopping bag.

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Sure, this is great information for any business owner to obtain but what is the next step?

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