Shop Small This Holiday Season and Support Local Business

Small businesses have faced some of the most brutal hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic, and often have the hardest time securing help. Small and local businesses are the heart of our country, they provide many people with jobs and offer quality products and services. They provide a sense of community within cities and small towns, and bring people together. Many of the largest and most successful businesses in our economy started out small and local.

Small business owners are your neighbors, your friends, and your family. I’m sure everyone knows at least one small business owner in their close circle.

What can everyone do to support small businesses? Shop small this holiday season. Support your local businesses along with small companies that sell online.

From one small business to all others out there, we are so grateful for our customers for supporting us this year. We know firsthand how stressful and difficult this year has been.

We want to encourage everyone to think small this holiday season and buy from small & local businesses as much as you can.

Support local businesses

Here are some ways you can support small business this holiday season:

  • Follow businesses on social media and share their content, comment, and interact with their posts. Engagement on social media helps algorithms show their posts more often and helps them gain new followers.
  • Refer friends and family to your favorite small businesses. Post about them on your own social media pages to spread the word.
  • Leave positive and thorough reviews on the company’s website or Google/Yelp pages.
  • Buy gift cards or certificates for local shops, restaurants, or service based businesses.
  • Order gifts from small online shops or Etsy businesses.
  • Order takeout and delivery from your favorite local restaurants.
  • Shop at outdoor, well-spaced farmers markets or see if your local vendors sell their products online.
  • Try to find small businesses or local sellers of items you buy regularly, or services you need often.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like us, we greatly appreciate all of our wonderful customers!

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