How do you package luxury?

How do you package luxury?

Morgan Chaney believes that your custom print packaging speaks volumes about your brand. For this very reason, representatives at Morgan Chaney work day and night to simply be sure the packaging we produce brings forth your brand in the best way possible.Morgan Chaney Custom Retail Packaging

Whether you are looking for the highest of quality shopping bags, boxes, or e-commerce packaging; we provide it all. Below are some examples of luxury packaging Morgan Chaney has produced:

The Club at Kukuiiula custom printed paper euro tote shoppng bags with 5mm cotton handles. Bags imprinted 4 color process with soy inks on 100% recycled white kraft paper.Custom luxury resort eurotote bags

The Phoenix Art Museum has teamed up with Morgan Chaney to produce a chic, new age paper eurotote shopping bag that is sure to leave a lasting impression.Custom Kraft Eurotote Bag

There is a collection of custom jewelry boxes made completely custom in size and color for Ship Rock Santa Fe Fine Jewelry. These jewelry boxes are fully hand wrapped in cloth linen and have a padded top. The interior of the jewelry box is also wrapped in cloth linen and is screen printed with their logo in metallic copper ink. The corresponding packer boxes have a textured brown wrap and is also screen printed on the lid with the client’s logo. The Ship Rock Santa Fe Fine Jewelry boxes are exceptionally elegant, and simply one of a kind!

Custom Jewelry Boxes for Shiprock

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