How Branding Your Eurotote Can Boost Your Business

Stepping away from the norm when it comes to branding your business is a great way to make your product stand out to consumers, however not all businesses have the capitol to spend on expensive advertising campaigns and marketing products. Simple changes can make a big difference though, and companies looking to be seen do have options. One way to make your brand stand out is to change the way your product is seen outside of your store. Designing our Eurototes with your company’s brand displays a sophisticated style that can help push your sales to the next level, and Eurototes come in a variety of options to suit your needs.  That is why at Morgan Chaney we offer Eurototes, a unique alternative to normal shopping bags.


Paper Eurototes are stylish top of the line, rope handled bags that come in a variety of colors and usually have a gloss or matte lamination protective coating. Eurototes are used by many upscale businesses to display the class and sophistication of their product, and cater to the high style of their client base. With the rising popularity of their use and a greener environment in mind, paper tote bags have become the ideal bag to use when shopping.


Structurally strong, Eurototes can easily be custom printed for your business.  More often than not, you will see Eurototes with small decorative rope as handles, but Morgan Chaney also has incorporated leather, ribbons and other materials for unique handle applications. The top area of the bags have cardboard reinforcements where the ropes are knotted and attached to the bag allowing the customer to be able to carry heavier products or more merchandise.  In addition, cardboard reinforcements can be added inside the bottoms for additional strengthening.

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If you’re the kind of company that thinks a paper eurotote would alter the theme of your business, no problem, we can produce fabric totes using material options such as: cotton, jute, bamboo, recycled PETE, suede and burlap, and that’s just naming a few! You also have the choice of your preferred printing method on our cut and sew tote bags, be it screen printing, hot stamping, embroidering or digital/heat transfers; as well as a variety of closures such as snaps, zippers, velcro and drawcords.


If Eurototes are your next step to building your business, contact Morgan Chaney today! At Morgan Chaney we can meet your custom packaging needs in a manner that is beautiful, earth friendly, sturdy, and cost efficient. We’ll make sure that your Eurototes look the best every time. Check out our main website at to see examples of Packaging That People Notice®.