10 Tips to Creating Long Lasting Impressions Through Packaging

Custom packaging triggers a luxe consumer response by utilizing sensory cues. Below we list 10 tips for creating long lasting impressions through packaging.

1. Interactive

By working with things like pop-up boxes, unexpected materials, ribbon closures, box toppers or printed tissues, you rid people of a mundane unwrapping experience. Incorporating these lively additions, helps create a sense of heighten suspense for your consumer and leaves a powerful impression for you brand.

2. Audiable

Take into consideration every sound your custom restaurant packaging products make. Higher pitched packaging such as cellophane can actually lower the perceived value of a product.

3. Aromatic

The idea here is to do away with warehouse-scented packaging and instead create a fragrant experience where consumers create memorable olfactive moments associated with your brand.

4. Haptic

Believe it or not, how many times a person must place their hand in the same position to open packaging makes a big difference in how a product is perceived. Product accessibility through packaging needs to be considered. If you’re custom paper shopping bags or retail bags produce paper-cut potential, consumers lose a sense of quality.

5. Touch

Textures in packaging can do a lot to establish the “feel” of a new or established brand. Many retailers chose custom retail bags that use metallic or high-gloss stamping.

6. Closures

Detailed closures such as those using ribbon, can provide the perfect luxe accessory to make your merchandize bags stand-out to consumers.

7. Contrast Finishes

Light plays off materials and finishes differently. Meaning your merchandise bags and other stock needs to be smooth and consistent in color to ensure lightening heightens your product presentation instead of revealing imperfections.

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8. Heritage

The recession reigned in design in everything from custom paper shopping bags to gift and clothing boxes. Now, instead of flaunting logos, retailers know their consumers connect more with craftsmanship.

9. Suspense

A well thought out unveiling process for a package creates a sense of anticipation for the consumer …its exciting. Achieving this can sometimes lead to over-packaging, a brand must strike a balance between the two.

10. Quality Control

Warped packaging is an immediate way to cheapen a product’s value. Companies must consider climates and the impact of these environments on their materials and printing processes.

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