Why Product Labels Matter

When shoppers are comparing products, their first assessment is made based on what they can deduce visually, equating what they can see on the outside with what they can’t see on the inside. If a label is unappealing, shoppers skip over your product and move on to a competitor’s. The product’s packaging and labeling is just as important as the product itself. Take a moment to consider the following helpful tips from Morgan Chaney on creating attractive labels and printed packaging.

Shape and Colors

The shape and size of your labels should complement the product and its custom packaging, as well as draw attention to the product. If the packaging is clear or colored plastic or glass, label colors should work with both the visible product and the container.

Colors are an intrinsic part of the product label, and say a lot about your product and vision. Primary colors may work in advertising, but aren’t appropriate for many products. Make sure your colors are in line with your overall image, and stay away from colors that make your product difficult to differentiate from a competitor’s.


Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful font in setting the right tone for your product’s identity. Make sure it’s appropriate (no cursive fonts for motor oil, for example), clear, and unique. Finally, make sure it can be easily read: if a customer has to struggle to read your printed packaging, they will skip your product for a product that is more clearly marked.

Market Yourself

There should be no doubt in buyers’ minds about who makes the product, so put the company name and logo are front and center.

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Contact Info

A toll free customer service number, email address and mailing address should be somewhere on the packaging. Consider adding a label on the back to include customer service information.

If you need help creating labels or custom packaging, trust the design and printing experts at Morgan Chaney. Whether you are looking for custom printing on paper shopping bags or shipping cartons, to much more, Morgan Chaney can help you create exceptional packaging solutions for your unique product. For more information about the many innovative and reliable custom packaging services provided by Morgan Chaney, call 866-637-2270 or Contact Us.