Paper Shopping Bags: Great for Your Business, and Great for the Environment!

Custom paper shopping bags are a great way to help you separate your product from your competition and bring a flare to the packaging of your product that gets you noticed. They allow you to build your brand image in a way that transcends the actual item you are selling, and creates the opportunity for exposure even without others seeing your product. However custom paper bags also help a greater cause, the environment! Paper bags let you show the world that you care not only about your customers, but about the world we live in as well, all with a simple paper bag. Some of the ways paper bags help you display your environmental side are natural properties of paper bags these include the fact that:

  • Paper bags are naturally decomposable.
  •  Paper bags are safe for wildlife.
  • Paper bags are made from renewable resources and are manufactured using renewable energy.
  • Paper bags have completed the environmental loop by adding “highly recycled” to their long list of positive environmental characteristics.
  • Paper bags can be reused over and over, which means your brand image will be displayed in all sorts of other places!


All of these traits help keep our world a cleaner and healthier place. With all of these benefits, who wouldn’t choose custom paper bags for their business! If custom paper bags are your next step to building your business and helping the world contact Morgan Chaney Packaging today! At Morgan Chaney, we can meet your custom packaging needs in a manner that is beautiful, earth friendly, sturdy, and cost efficient. We make sure that every product we produce looks the best every time. Check out our main website at to see examples of Packaging That People Notice. ®, and to find out about our Enviro360 environment friendly packaging programs which span paper bag, plastic bags, reusable tote bags, boxes and more!

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