Luxury Resort Custom Packaging

Resorts all over the world are the some of the hottest destinations during the busy summer travel season. Resorts aspire to exemplify luxury and serenity, meaning their branding and packaging must do the same. Resort properties often include gift shops or boutiques, luxury spas, golf courses, restaurants, and other unique amenities. Custom packaging for resorts can include designs for each area of the property with a cohesive branded theme. Some resorts also have unconventional custom products, like pool toys, accessories, towels, robes, and more. Some branded items can become retail merchandise for resort guests, while some can be complimentary as a token of appreciation and pride as well as a powerful branding tool.

Custom Printed Eurototes

Eurototes are a popular choice for shopping bags because of their higher quality look and feel, and the possibilities for advanced customization. Fully customized eurototes can feature custom colors, dyed handles of different materials, 360 degree printing, and various laminations and treatments. For budget constraints or smaller quantities, Morgan Chaney can print your custom logo or design on one or both sides using a few different printing techniques. Eurototes are a popular option for resorts as they can be customized to truly fit the brand’s aesthetics and design. Everything from the texture of the bag, to the feel of the handles, to the weight of the paper, make an impact on how customers perceive your resort. Carrying a heavy and luxurious shopping bag out of the resort boutique or spa reinforces the ambiance and luxury.

Retail, Golf, and Spa Custom Packaging

Many resorts take pride in offering luxury services like high-end shopping, relaxing spas, and world class golf courses. These services deserve custom packaging that emphasizes the resort’s features and amenities. Visiting resorts is all about escaping from everyday life and experiencing total indulgence, and this is reinforced through experiences and atmosphere. Consistent branded packaging is a wonderful way to emphasize the ambiance and aesthetics of your resort.

Phoenician Luxury-Eurotote-small Spa at Talking Stick-Paper Shopping Bag-001

Restaurant and Cafe Custom Packaging

Most large resorts also have several restaurants or cafes on the property for guests to dine at. Some of these restaurants may be independently owned and operated, however many resorts have in-house restaurants that are operated by the standards of the resort itself. Branding of resort restaurants and cafes can be done through many printed items like cups, napkins, or food wraps. Carryout bags are the most popular way of customizing your restaurant packaging and they provide the most advertising and branding capabilities. Many other items can be custom-made or printed such as takeout boxes, gift card boxes, menu covers, and more. Smaller items like napkins, cups, and coasters provide a great opportunity for the resort to print their own logo while takeout bags usually carry the name of the restaurant itself. You can also choose to represent the brand of the resort itself and the restaurant or cafe inside through your custom food service packaging, much like Restaurant Guy Savoy’s packaging shown below.

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Accessories & Unconventional Packaging Ideas

Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado chose to think outside the box when making these foam balls and discs, branded with their name and logo. The popular resort offers these to customers while they are playing in the hot springs and pools, and these have a great appeal to traveling families with kids. This is a great way to make a resort stay more fun and memorable for your guests.
Glenwood Springs

Custom tissue paper is the perfect finishing touch to your luxury custom packaging program. Tissue paper can be used to wrap clothing and other merchandise before placing in a shopping bag, gift box, or apparel box. It serves as a protective layer for merchandise as well as additional brand marketing. Sometimes the smaller finishing touches can make all the difference between an ordinary or extraordinary guest experience.


Custom Packaging Branding and Consistency

When implementing multi-faceted resort packaging programs, consistency,  aesthetics, and design are extremely important. The first step in creating your custom packaging program is to decide what message you want your packaging to get across to your customers and anyone who may see the packaging. Then decide what theme and design you want your packaging to have. Stay consistent with your use of colors, logos, and prints in order to create a cohesive story with your packaging. You can create different types of packaging with unique designs, while still maintaining your brand integrity and a common theme.


Contact Morgan Chaney to learn more about resort custom packaging including retail, spa, food service, and unconventional ideas. Our team of packaging consultants and designers are here to help you through every step of the custom packaging process.