Green Packaging Information

Green Packaging Information


Morgan Chaney specializes in environmentally friendly packaging solutions that get noticed and protects the environment. We have many packaging options that include handled shopping bags made from recycled paper, bamboo and other plant fibers. We also have reusable tote bags made from cotton, recycled PET, woven & non-woven poly-pro and jute just to name a few. If you are interested in plastic, we have plastic bags produced with industry leading additives along with high percentages of recycle content.

Every company needs to project just the right identity, and environmentally friendly shopping bags, gift boxes and coordinated packaging from Morgan Chaney are amazing tools to do just that. From reusable tote bags, plastic bags and tissue paper to paper bags, we’ll educate and help you make the best selections for your business.

Purchasing products from Morgan Chaney serves a dual purpose. Your packaging will be one that people notice along with protecting the environment at the same time.

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